iPiccy Review

A Full Review of iPiccy, a Free Online Image Editor & Collage Maker

iPiccy is an awesome online image editor. There are tons of useful tools and the interface couldn't be easier to work with.

This free online photo editor also has a free photo collage builder and a designer tool that includes layer support.

There are lots of interesting and useful layouts and templates for you to use when making a collage, and all of iPiccy's editing tools are nicely organized so that you can find the basic and advanced ones with ease.

iPiccy photo editing options

Thoughts on iPiccy

What We Like
  • Doesn't require a user account.

  • Natural, easy to use interface.

  • Lots of simple and unique collage layouts.

  • Results are shown automatically as edits are made.

What We Don't Like
  • Only two file format options when saving.

  • Only one sharing option is available.

  • Requires Adobe Flash.

iPiccy is really a spectacular photo editor. Even compared to some offline, downloadable image editing applications, this one is even more comprehensive.

All the basic tools are there and the rest are things you probably didn't even think you needed or wanted until you began editing.

Judging iPiccy on its functions only, it certainly receives high marks, and because it's also so easy to use, we definitely recommend it above most other online editors.

It's great that you can use iPiccy's online photo editor to edit the individual images of the collage, but you, unfortunately, must download them to your computer after editing, and then re-upload them to the collage to use them. Some photo collage makers let you edit the images live, right there on the ​collage, which is really nice but isn't a feature with iPiccy.

Opening & Saving Images With iPiccy

You can upload images to iPiccy from your computer, directly from your webcam, or via an online image's URL.

You can instead skip opening an image and create just a blank canvas, from where you can then import existing images from your computer.

When you're finished editing with iPiccy, you can share the photo on Facebook or download it to your computer in either the JPG or PNG file format.

More About iPiccy

From the iPiccy home page are three tools:

  • Editor is the default photo editor on the website that includes a huge range of editing functions, filters, and more
  • Collage Maker is for building a free photo collage
  • Designer has layer support and can export the image to the photo editor

Here's a bit more on all the specifics that these tools support:

  • All the basic tools included in iPiccy are categorized in one of the following sections: Basic, Advanced, Adjustments, Color, and Filters
  • Basic tools let you apply a one-click fix to the image, resize, crop, rotate, sharpen, or flip the picture, as well as edit the exposure, hue, saturation, and colors
  • iPiccy's advanced tools include curves, clone, background eraser, dodge, burn, draw, liquify, and levels
  • You can easily zoom closer (up to 800%) or away from an image by simply scrolling your mouse wheel in either direction at any time while editing
  • Equalize Image, Local Contrast, and Light & Contrast are some of the adjustments you can make while using iPiccy
  • An iPiccy collage's background can be transparent or any color
  • Dozens of collage layouts let you import images into basic or advanced collage shapes
  • Edit in full screen mode (requires you to log in) and switch between a dark and light theme
  • Your photos can be moved to a different part of the collage via simple drag and drop
  • Color settings like converting the image to black and white, applying a sepia tone, editing color vibrancy, adding a color tint, balancing color levels, and inverting colors are allowed
  • Filters like blur, noise, and emboss can be applied to a photo with iPiccy
  • Collage layouts are categorized in sections like Basic, One Big Photo, Jigsaw, and Advanced, as well as Facebook cover, Twitter profile, Full HD, iPhone 7+, and others. You can size it manually, too.
  • Effects to soften the image, add a matte look, apply a vintage feel, and dozens more are supported
  • Many tools let you change the blend mode from normal to something like darken, lighten, overlay, hard light, difference, invert, multiply, screen, and more
  • You can choose a very specific, custom layout size, which lets you define the exact width and height you want the collage to be
  • New images can be added midway through creating your collage
  • More effects are included with iPiccy such as a cartoonizer, pencil drawing, HDR style, artistic painting, retro comic, and neon glow effect
  • Dedicated tools for retouching a picture are included, such as a skin, eye, and mouth editor. Some of these tools are a blemish fixer, sun tan applier, eye color changer, red eye fixer, mascara applier, teeth whitener and more
  • Shuffle is a feature that will rearrange the collage pictures randomly if you're not sure how they should be placed
  • Text, stickers, and images can be overlayed on one another due to iPiccy's layer support
  • A section of iPiccy called Painter lets you add pencil and brush strokes to one or more image layers, as well as add shapes and lines
  • You can alter the spacing between the images on the collage as well as the roundness of the picture's corners
  • When you're finished making a photo collage, you can switch over to the image editor to use all the regular editing tools on your entire collage
  • Frames and textures are available so you can quickly add a unique border and style to your images