Everything You Need to Know About iPhone Warranty and AppleCare

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Every iPhone comes with a warranty from Apple that provides its owner free tech support and no-cost repairs. But warranties don't last forever and they don't cover everything. That's why you need to understand what is covered, what isn't, and what your options are for extending your warranty.

If your iPhone is behaving strangely and the standard fixes—like restarting it or updating the operating system—don't solve the problem, you may need to take advantage of your warranty.

Learn the details of your iPhone warranty before heading to the Apple Store. Your device still being in warranty can be the difference between a free repair or spending hundreds of dollars.

Standard iPhone Warranty

The standard iPhone warranty that comes with all new phones includes:

  • One year of hardware repairs
  • 90 days of telephone support

Warranty Exclusions
The warranty does not cover issues related to:

  • Batteries
  • Cosmetic damage like scratches or dents
  • Water damage and other accidents
  • Damage from using another product, such as a case
  • Changes made to the phone by the user, such as jailbreaking
  • Repairs made by non-Apple-authorized providers
  • Normal wear and tear
  • The device having been stolen.

The warranty also applies only to new purchases in official Apple packaging. If you bought your iPhone used, the warranty no longer applies.

NOTE: Warranties can vary slightly by country because of different local laws and regulations.

To check the specifics for your country, visit Apple's iPhone warranty page.

Standard iPod Warranty

The standard warranty for iPods is identical to the iPhone warranty.

Is Your iPhone Still Under Warranty?

Not sure if your iPhone warranty is still valid? Apple provides a simple tool to help you find out.

Go here to find out if your iPhone is still under warranty.

AppleCare Extended Warranty

Apple offers an extended warranty program called AppleCare. Apple customers can extend the warranty their devices come with by buying an AppleCare protection plan, which includes both phone support and hardware coverage.

AppleCare builds on top of the standard warranty for an iPhone or iPod and extends support to two full years for both hardware repairs and phone support as long as you buy it within 60 days of buying your iPhone.

There are two kinds of AppleCare, standard and AppleCare+. Macs and the Apple TV are eligible for traditional AppleCare, while the iPhone and iPod touch (along with the iPad and Apple Watch) use AppleCare+.

AppleCare+ extends your standard warranty to two total years of coverage and repairs for two incidents of damage. Each repair has a fee attached to it ($29 for screen repairs, $99 for any other repairs), but that's still cheaper than most repairs without extra coverage. AppleCare+ for the iPhone costs $99-$129, depending on your iPhone model (it costs more for newer models).

AppleCare Registration
In order to make sure your AppleCare protection plan is in effect, you should register it with Apple online, over the phone, or by mail.

Is AppleCare Returnable?
Though it may seem like a good idea to buy AppleCare, after your purchase you may have second thoughts. If you do, you'll be glad to discover that you can return AppleCare for a refund. On the downside, you won't get your full purchase price back. Instead, you'll get a pro-rated refund based on how long you've had the plan before returning it.

If you decide you want to return your AppleCare plan, call 1-800-APL-CARE and ask to speak to someone about an AppleCare return (you may have to dial the operator for this, as there's no obvious option for it in the phone menu).

The person you speak to will ask for your information—including information from your receipt, so make sure to have it handy—and then will transfer you to a specialist who can confirm the return.

Expect to see your refund check anywhere from a few weeks to a few months later.

Insurance and Extended Warranties

AppleCare isn't the only extended warranty available for the iPhone. A number of third parties offer other coverage options, included their own extended warranties and insurance policies. Learn about your options, and why they may not be good ideas, here:

How to Get Support From Apple

Now that you know all about your iPhone warranty coverage and options, if you need to get tech support from Apple, learn How to Make a Genius Bar Appointment.

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