iPhone SE Plus: News and Expected Price, Release Date, Specs; and More Rumors

A truly plus-sized iPhone SE

The iPhone SE 3 was released in early 2022, but rumors claim there's a larger version (bigger than 4.7 inches) still headed our way, appropriately named iPhone SE Plus. There aren't any solid leaks to go off of yet, but that doesn't have to stop us from making some educated guesses about its features, specs, and release date.

When Will the iPhone SE Plus Be Released?

YouTuber Jon Prosser mentioned a plus-sized iPhone SE as early as 2020, and then soon after revised its release to be 2021. Although it never happened, it's important to know that Prosser routinely makes early predictions that turn up true later on.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo made a prediction in 2021 that Apple would launch a phone with the SE Plus moniker that year, with a display possibly as large as the 6.1-inch iPhone 13 Pro.

Then, display analyst Ross Young used "iPhone SE Plus" in late 2021 as the name for a 2022 iPhone. However, he also guessed that the SE 3 would arrive in 2024, but it came out in March 2022.

Interestingly, the "SE Plus" screen size he suggested was actually the regular iPhone SE, so it's possible the device names got mixed up, which could point to the larger SE Plus arriving in 2024.

Consider this: The first two SEs arrived four years apart. If that pattern were to continue, it would place another one in 2024. The 2022 iPhone SE might have been an in-between release, so the 4-year cycle might still be in the cards, which would place the Plus model in 2024.

Lifewire's Release Date Estimate

Since the SE 3 has already arrived, we'll use Young's comments to guess we'll see the SE Plus in 2024. However, if the iPhone SE Plus isn't the right name, then this could be the SE 4, which is also expected to be released (but we're not sure when).

iPhone SE Plus Price Rumors

There's no word on price just yet, and making estimates this early and without much detail isn't usually helpful. Regardless, we can look at the 2022 SE for an estimate.

That phone launched for $30 more than the 2nd-gen SE: $429 for the 64 GB version, $479 for 128 GB, and $579 for 256 GB.

It makes sense for upgraded devices to cost more, and since 2024 is years away, the price could sway up or down as much as $50 or more. That's not counting the likelihood of storage upgrades, which usually carry a higher charge.

With upgraded hardware, natural price fluctuations over time, and a bigger display, we'll pin the cheapest model at $500 for 128 GB, and the biggest at $600 for 512 GB.

Pre-Order Information

iPhone SE Plus pre-orders will most likely commence the same day Apple announces the phone. We'll provide the link here when one becomes available.

iPhone SE Plus Specs, Hardware & Features

Assuming Young's sources from late 2021 were correct with the screen size estimate, the SE Plus might have a display size anywhere from 5.7—6.1 inches. For reference, that's anywhere from the same size as the iPhone 11 Pro to the iPhone 13 Pro.

Another rumor we've seen is Touch ID built-in to the power button. Recent iPhones have moved over to Face ID, but Touch ID is built-in to all previous SE versions, including the 2022 iPhone SE, so it wouldn't be shocking to see it pop up again in this phone.

If the phone arrives in 2023, it'll launch running iOS 17. But if we don't see it until 2024, it'll run that year's version, likely called iOS 18.

We'll add a table here for the iPhone SE Plus specs as soon as we know more.

The Latest News About the iPhone SE Plus

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