iPhone Rumors: What to Expect in 2018 and Beyond

Here's everything we know about the next-generation iPhone

iPhone X
image credit: Apple Inc.

Almost as soon as a new iPhone is announced, rumors about the next-generation model start cropping up. Well, it's time for some iPhone rumors about upcoming new phones! That may seem fast, considering the iPhone X and iPhone 8 series were only released last Fall, but Apple is always working on new models and people always want to hear rumors about those models.

This article helps you know what to expect from the 2018 iPhone. It offers the most credible (and some of the most ridiculous/fun) iPhone rumors about the next-generation.

What To Expect from the New 2018 iPhone 

  • 3 models
  • Larger screen than iPhone X
  • Lower-cost model with less-advanced components
  • 4 GB of RAM on higher-end models
  • Face ID everywhere
  • Dual SIM
  • Upgrades to screen and processor

Expected Release Date: Fall 2018
Expected Price: US$699-$1,149

More Information on the Next-Generation 2018 iPhone Rumors

In keeping with the pattern established by the simultaneously introduced iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X, expect Apple to unveil 3 new iPhone models in 2018. Two of those models are rumored to be versions of the iPhone X: one very similar to the current model, with a 5.8-inch screen, and the other a Plus version with a huge 6.5-inch screen. Both of those models will likely continue to be expensive and, with iPhone sales dipping a bit lower than expected in 2017, Apple is expected to debut lower-cost iPhone, too. That model will likely have a 6.1-inch screen, but without the higher-end materials and features offered by the other models.

What's It Going to be Called?

This is a tricky one. Apple surprised a lot of people when it revealed the iPhone X in 2017. While that "X" is actually pronounced "ten" to indicate that it's the 10th anniversary iPhone, it was a break from the previous naming pattern. It seems likely that the 6.5-inch iPhone X could be called the iPhone X Plus. The other two models? No one is sure right now. The lower-cost, 6.1-inch screen model could perhaps inherit the iPhone SE moniker. The name for the other iPhone X model is still up in the air.

Same Design: Big Screen, Small Bezel

Don't expect either iPhone X model to look significantly different from the 2017 edition. We should get the same edge-to-edge screen, rounded corners, notch in the screen, stainless steel edges, and glass back. The only major physical difference rumored for these models is the 6.5-inch screen on the Plus. It's the version with the 6.1-inch screen that will be more different.

Less Expensive Model, Less-Advanced Parts

To deliver its rumored lower price, the 6.1-inch screen 2018 iPhone will have a number of physical differences from its more-expensive siblings. Rumor has it that it won't have an edge-to-edge screen and will instead have a bezel at the top and bottom of the screen like past iPhones. It may also have aluminum sides, rather than stainless ​steel. Other differences between the models may include an LCD screen instead of the high-end OLED in the X, a lack of wireless charging, and just 1 back camera instead of the 2 on the X.

Face ID Everywhere

The 2018 iPhone line up may spell the end of the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Rumor has it that all three new models will ditch Touch ID and will use the Face ID facial recognition system introduced on the 2017 iPhone X. 

Dual SIM Makes International Travel Easier

International travelers take note: The iPhone X Plus may support two SIM cards at the same time. This would make international travel much easier. If true, your phone could have both a SIM for a domestic phone company and one for a company in countries you travel to often instead of forcing you to swap out SIM cards when crossing international borders. It's unclear if this will be available worldwide or just those sold in some countries.

Processor Upgrade Boosted by Extra RAM

Every new iPhone has a faster, more powerful processor at its heart. That's bound to be true in 2018, with each model expected to get the upcoming Apple A12 chip. Like previous processors, this one is 64-bit. Previous iPhones haven't been able to unlock true 64-bit processing horsepower because doing so requires 4 GB of RAM and none of them had that much. That's expected to change in 2018. Both iPhone X models could get 4 GB of RAM, unleashing their chips to deliver major horsepower.


The iPhone got more expensive than ever with the iPhone X and its $1,149 high-end model. Expect prices on the two iPhone X models to stay roughly in the $999-$1,149 range (or maybe even a bit higher for the iPhone X Plus). The model with the 6.1-inch screen is explicitly being rumored as a lower-cost device, so don't be surprised to see it cost around $699 or even a bit less.

Unlikely — But Super Cool — Features

None of these features is extremely likely to be included in the 2018 iPhone, but there are enough rumors about them — and they're cool enough — that they're worth mentioning:

  • Another iPhone rumor is that the camera could also sport 3D sensing features. This would allow the camera to understand how far away an object is from the phone, as well as how far objects are from each other. This could deliver even higher-quality photos and, maybe most important, would add support for additional Augmented Reality features, object scanning, and much more.
  • The industry is waiting for the first mass-market smartphone with a truly foldable screen. Once we can fold the display, phones can be very small and then opened up to become bigger. The rumor fires have been stoked by Apple recently received a patent on a phone with a foldable screen. While it's almost certainly true Apple is prototyping such a device, a patent isn't a product. Don't expect to see a foldable iPhone for another year or two, at least.
  • The Apple Pencil has been a great accessory for the iPad Pro, unlocking new options for creating art and collaborating on documents. There are persistent rumors that a version of the Apple Pencil is coming to the iPhone.