Top 10 iPhone News Apps

Your Guide to the Best iPhone News Apps

Whether you're a news junkie or just interested in staying informed about current events, there are tons of great iPhone news app to help you. Choose from apps from established newspapers, TV stations, and radio networks, or experiment with new companies that digest news for you, create customized audio broadcasts, and more. Stay up to date with articles, video, audio, and breaking news alerts. These news apps are some of our favorites.

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AP Mobile

AP Mobile news app
image copyright Associated Press

Not only does the AP Mobile iPhone app (The Associated Press, Free) include a ton of news content, but it also lets you grab content from your local news and weather along with national and international stories. Other nifty features include push notifications for breaking news alerts, gorgeous photo galleries, and the ability to customize the kind of news you want to see on your homepage. 

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BBC News

BBC News app
image copyright BBC

Get a global view of the news, as well as focused coverage of Britain and its former colonies, from the free BBC News app. You'll get written stories, as well as access to the BBC's live radio stream, and audio and video clips. Browse articles by category or geographical region and download them for offline reading.

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CNN news app
image copyright CNN

If you prefer video news, the free CNN app is probably your best bet. It has an excellent selection of videos, including clips from CNN shows, and you can also surf user-generated content in the iReport section. CNN provides breaking news alerts and local news and weather.

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Fox News

Fox News app
image copyright Fox

For a conservative take on the news, the free Fox News app is a great choice. Not only does the app include articles from the Fox News website, it's also packed with video from both Fox News and Fox Business. Watch either channel live in the app, along with exclusive content that can only be seen inside the app. As with many of these apps, you'll also get breaking news alerts and be able to share articles via social media.   

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LA Times

Los Angeles Times news app
image copyright Los Angeles Times

This free app from one of the West Coast's leading newspapers delivers the flavor of Los Angeles, Hollywood, and the Times' coverage right to your iPhone. You'll find common news-app features here, like breaking news alerts, sharing using social media, photo galleries.

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MSNBC news app
image copyright MSNBC

The MSNBC news app does one of the best jobs of sending out breaking news alerts using push notifications. The alerts are timely and relevant, but you can turn them off if they bother you. This free app is a good choice if you regularly watch MSNBC shows like Rachel Maddow or Hardball since it includes lots of video segments from those shows. You'll find exclusive video clips and news articles, as well. 

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New York Times

New York Times app
image copyright New York Times

Get the full experience of America's paper of record on your iPhone with this free app. As with the Times' website, you can read up to 10 free articles per month. If you want more than that, you'll need to subscribe (options include $14.99/month for the app). Along with articles, the app offers the Times' multimedia content and breaking news alerts.

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Newsbeat app
image copyright Newsbeat

Newsbeat takes the articles you're interested in from leading news sources and then translates them into audio stories that you can listen to. By doing this, you can create your own, custom news broadcast featuring the topics you're most interested in. Use the app to explore news outlets, discover new stories, and even get a daily email news digest. During your commute, weather, and traffic for your region is included, too. 

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NPR News

NPR News app
image copyright NPR

Not surprisingly, the iPhone app from National Public Radio (NPR, Free) focuses on radio news with an hourly newscast and access to popular NPR radio shows. You can stream both live or archived episodes, as well as seek out the NPR stations closest to you to catch up on local stories. There are also plenty of print articles to accompany the hours of radio content available in the NPR app.

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Washington Post

Washington Post news app
image copyright Washington Post

The Washington Post's official app (free to download; $14.99/month for unlimited access) brings the content from one of the nation's leading websites to your iPhone. In addition to the Post's full coverage, you'll be able to save articles for offline reading, customize your homepage to show the news you're most interested in, and more. The free version of the app includes a limited number of free articles each month.