iPhone Mail and iPad Mail (iOS Mail) 10.0

Apple Email

iOS Mail for iPhone and iPad does a great job rendering emails and attachments pretty, swift and useful.

Text snippets expand oft-used text, and rudimentary formatting lets you highlight passages. A few more shortcuts (such as extensive email templates, a Reader feature borrowed from Safari or filters) would be great, though.


  • Mail on iPhone and iPad is a mature and powerful mobile email program
  • You can view richly formatted messages and attachments the way they were intended
  • iOS Mail handles multiple POP, IMAP and Exchange accounts, for some with live updates and searches on the server's side


  • iOS Mail does not sort messages by anything but a date, and threading could be more comprehensive
  • You cannot filter mail in iPhone Mail and iPad Mail or use message templates
  • Files other than photos and videos are not easily attached and shared in iOS Mail


  • iOS Mail lets you access multiple POP, Exchange and IMAP email accounts on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
  • Messages with rich formatting and attachments (including images, Office documents and PDF files) are displayed as intended. Attached files can be opened in external apps.
  • Integration with iOS Contacts and Safari puts email addresses and linked web pages at your fingertips; integration with Calendar makes turns emails into events.
  • Siri lets you find emails by voice and have them read to you as well as compose and send new messages or replies.
  • You can find mail using From, To and Subject as well as body text search (on the server if possible).
  • Bulk actions let you delete, move and flag multiple messages in one go as well as mark them read or unread.
  • Inbox emails from VIP senders are collected in an automatic search folder for priority access and can be announced in a special manner.
  • iOS Mail also offers smart folders that focus on unread mail, flagged mail, messages containing attachments, mail sent to you directly and inbox, draft, trash and sent folders across accounts.
  • Messages in threads are grouped in the mailbox and can be read as a continuous "page".
  • Pictures from iOS Photos can be sent as attachments easily, and you can paste any rich-text content from the web as well as apply basic text formatting.
  • iPhone Mail expands iPhone-wide text snippets and is available for third-party applications to create emails—using message templates, for example.
  • New messages from iCloud, Yahoo! Mail and Exchange accounts can be pushed to iPhone Mail without manual or periodic checking.
  • iOS Mail supports iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Mail Is a Joy to Behold

Looking at the odd message in between is even more joyful. Not only do iPhone Mail and iPad Mail (collectively iOS Mail) render emails—even those rich in formatting and images—just the way they were intended; everything is crisp and legible, too, and you can zoom in pinching nonchalantly, of course.

If the portrait screen is not wide enough, switching to landscape usually does the trick — in particular, if you prefer the bigger keyboard for typing. For reading some emails and newsletters, a Safari-like Reader view condensing images upon columns and dispensable copy to legible essentials would be nice.

No matter the orientation, iOS Mail's message list is easy to navigate. Moving, deleting, flagging and marking read or unread is a snap—for one message as well as it is for many.

Navigating folders is fast and easy, and those using multiple accounts (iOS Mail supports iCloud, IMAP, POP, and multiple Exchange accounts, some pushing new mail to the device) will like the unified inbox as well as the smart folders offered by iOS Mail. They could still profit from a way to move mail between accounts, though, and custom search folders, for example. iPhone Mail lets you create, edit and delete regular folders, of course, to organize your mail.

Smart folders include VIP, which automatically shows all messages from your inboxes that were sent by people you've marked important. These messages can also be announced in a special manner using Notification Center, too.

Search and the Missing Filter

Searching is fast, easy and very useful in iPhone Mail and iPad Mail. If the mail server plays along, you can continue your search beyond what mail is already on the phone. You can focus your search on senders, recipients and subject lines or search complete messages (including the text). Combining criteria to set up more complex searches is not possible, however. Custom filters for organizing mail automatically are also missing.

The way iOS Mail displays Office and PDF attachments is exemplary, though, and you can open the files for editing in other apps, too. Sending files is, alas, limited.

Tapping Mail and Talking to Siri

Of course, you don't just want to look at mail, however pretty, and delete or search it; you want to compose and reply, too. iOS Mail delivers, rich-text, photo posting and all. Templates could help get emails and replies done faster, but text snippets help a lot for oft-used phrases. If you prefer no tapping at all, Siri can type emails for you as you speak; it finds and reads messages, too.

All in all, iOS Mail is a gorgeous way to read mail on the go and a viable tool to send mail. It could get even more versatile, though, and offer more shortcuts.