How to Get iPhone Emojis for Your Android

HTC or Android users, quickly update your old emojis

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Even if you swear by your Android, you might still covet the emojis on your friend's iPhone. After all, they're pretty nifty. But while the emojis on Android devices and iPhones are technically the same. However, they have slight differences in design because emojis come from your font, which Apple owns in iPhone, and the iPhone emojis are really cool.

The good news is there are cool iOS style emojis for Android, too, and they're easy to set up; no rooting required. All you have to do is install an app and you'll be on your way with your fancy new emojis in no time. Here's how to get iPhone-like emojis for Android so you can join the emoji fun.

If you still want the exact fonts from iOS, you can get them, but you need to root your device. The iOS fonts are available through the root app Magisk.

How to Install an iPhone Emoji Keyboard on Android

To get Apple emojis, you'll need to download an app that will enable you to install an iPhone emoji keyboard on Android. You have three options:

  • Choosing your own emoji app: A good choice for folks who feel very comfortable installing apps on their Android.
  • Trying out a popular emoji app: A good choice for people who'd rather try one app out and see how it works.
  • Use a new keyboard app with different emojis: Some keyboards, like FancyKey, support downloading and using different emoji sets.

Choose Your Own Emoji App

You may want to have a look around the Play Store yourself to see if anything stands out to you. Remember, none of these apps are going to be entirely identical to Apple's, but they can be really close. Maybe there's a style you prefer. Have a look around. There's no shortage of options.

  1. Visit the Google Play store and search for "apple emoji keyboard" or "apple emoji font." Either a new keyboard app that supports the emojis or a new font will potentially work.

  2. There are plenty of emoji apps out there to pick from, many of them free. Some of the most popular ones are Kika Emoji Keyboard, Facemoji, Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons, and Emoji Fonts for Flipfont 10.

    Popular Android emoji apps
  3. Pick the emoji app you want to use, download it, and install it.

  4. For keyboard apps:

    Go to Settings > System > Languages & input > Virtual keyboard > Manage keyboards.

    Languages & input, Virtual keyboard, Change keyboard on Android

    For fonts:

    Open Settings > Display > Font style.

  5. For keyboard apps:

    You'll see a list of available keyboards. Select the emoji keyboard you just installed. Select the keyboard app that you just installed.

    For fonts:

    This one will be a little different, depending on your device, but you should see a list of available fonts. Select the font with the emojis that you want.

  6. You're done! Now you can use Apple emojis on your Android device.

Try a Popular Emoji App

You can always cut to the chase and try a popular Emoji font app. The app changes your phone's font to add in the Apple style emojis. That means that you'll need to be able to change your fonts, and not all phones can. If you're able to change your font, this is a convenient way to get the emojis you want.

  1. Visit the Google Play store and search for the Emoji Fonts for Flipfont 10 app.

    Install emoji fonts for FlipFont on Android
  2. Once you've found the app, download and install it.

  3. Go to Settings, then select your Display settings.

    Test emoji font on Android

    Alternatively, you can open the app, and test out your fonts before settings them. The Apply button in the app takes you to the settings.

    On HTC devices, you may need to go to Settings > Display and gestures instead.

  4. Choose Font style. Make sure you're able to change your fonts. Pick one font, then change it back to the default.

    Here's where things can go awry. Not all phones have the Font style option.

  5. If that went fine, choose Emoji Font 10.

  6. You're done! Now you can use Apple style emojis on your Android device.

Use a New Keyboard App

Some keyboards, like FancyKey, let you change your emojis. FancyKey is already a popular keyboard because it comes packed with customization options, including vibrant new skins. FancyKey lets you download and use the Twitter emojis, which are fairly similar to the Apple ones. If nothing else has worked for you, FancyKey will, no root or custom settings required.

  1. Open the Play Store, and search for FancyKey.

  2. Install FancyKey on your device.

  3. Open the Settings app.

  4. Scroll down to System, and select it. Next, choose Language & Input > Virtual Keyboard.

    System, Languages & input, Virtual Keyboard
  5. Select Manage keyboards.

  6. Find FancyKey on the list, and flip the switch to enable it.

    Manage keyboards, FancyKey toggle ON and OFF
  7. Next time you bring up an app that displays your keyboard, you'l see a small keyboard icon. It's usually in the absolute lower right of your screen, but the positioning could be different, depending on your current keyboard. Tap the icon.

  8. A menu will pop open, and let you pick FancyKey. Select it to start using it.

    Keyboard icon, FancyKey checkbox on Android
  9. You'll probably notice that the emojis in FancyKey aren't what you were expecting just yet. Go back to your home screen, and open the FancyKey app.

  10. These are the settings for your FancyKey keyboard. Select the Preferences option.

  11. Locate Emoji Styles under the Display heading, and tap it.

  12. A new menu will open up with a list of emoji styles. Select one that you like. The Twitter emojis are fairly close in appearance to the Apple ones. Press OK to save your new emojis.

    Preferences, Emoji Styles, Twitter checkbox in FancyKey for Android
  13. Now, when you use FancyKey, you'll have access to the new emojis that you just set.

You may notice the system font looks slightly different than it did before, but that won't hurt your phone. You should be able to use iOS emojis for Android without a problem.

You no longer have to be content with the emojis that came standard on your Android. Since you now have iPhone emojis for Android, you can have fun including these neat-looking emojis when messaging your friends, relatives, and colleagues who have iPhones. And you can enjoy the cool, sleek emoji design iPhone users are familiar with while still keeping your beloved Android.