How to Get and Use Flash on an iPhone

It's an old workaround but it can still get you what you need

Flash, a technology once widely used to deliver games and video as well as complex interactive experiences, has never been supported on the iPhone or any iOS device.

Flash has been discontinued and has been waning for quite a while now so, while it’s unlikely you’ll need it in day-to-day use, you might find a need.

There used to be more options, but the only one left is an app called Photon. Before installing it, keep in mind the app hasn’t been updated in a years and the developer’s site is full of broken images (as of publication) which means this software might have been fully abandoned.

What to Know About Photon

Photon Flash browser app
What We Like
  • Does offer Flash playback.

What We Don't Like
  • Not updated in years.

Photon can playback Flash by connecting your iPhone to a remote computer running Flash and then streams that computer's desktop to Pronton running on your iPhone.

Its Flash performance is solid: you'll see some pixelation, but over Wi-Fi, it's acceptable for occasional viewing (3G/4G is a bit worse). Some of its other features are a bit weak, but it's your best bet for Flash.

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