Top iPhone Apps for Celebrating New Year's Eve

Ring in the New Year with the help of your iPhone

A group of friends celebrating New Year's Eve
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Think of New Year's Eve. A few things probably come to mind: champagne, parties, and toasts, but you need to be connected to be part of all that. These New Year's Eve iPhone apps will help you plan your party, compose a toast, or pick the best champagne for your festivities. There's even an app that will replicate the most popular New Year's Eve noisemakers.

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Prepare to Say Goodbye to the Old Year: New Years Countdown 2019

New Years Countdown 2019 app

Although it's not free ($0.99), this app offers a precise countdown to the changing of the year. It doesn't offer much more than a countdown clock and some firework animations, but it gets the job done.

If this app doesn't fulfill your countdown needs, or if you prefer a free app, you might also try Countdown!! It's not specific to New Year's Eve, but it would certainly provide an accurate countdown.

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Make Some New Year Noise: Fun Sound Effects & Noises

Fun Sound Effects & Noises app

Transform your iPhone into a noisemaker. There are a variety of noises to choose from, including an horn, bottle rockets, and fireworks. With more than 60 sounds available, you're sure to find the perfect one for your New Year's celebration.

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Choose the Perfect New Year's Pour: Vivino

Vivino app

Don't be left standing in front of a shelf of bottles wondering which one to buy. The free Vivino app has tons of great features, including the ability to snap photos of several labels while standing in the store to compare the wines you're considering. You can also search wines based on names, labels, and even menu lists, track wines, and order wines from the app.

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Raise a Virtual Glass to the New Year: Clink!

Screenshots from the Clink! app for iPhone.

Although it only works with older versions of iOS, Clink! is a fun app that allows you to choose and toast with a virtual glass. Choose from several types of glasses, each with their own unique sound, to raise a toast, even if you can't get to the real champagne. And if you're at a loss for what to say, Clink! has you covered. The app includes numerous toasts for a variety of occasions.

If you have a newer version of iOS and you can't access click, consider Cocktail Flow as an alternative. You won't get the cool clinking sounds or recommendations for toasts, but there are plenty of recipe that make this one worth having.

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Build a New Habit for the New Year: Streaks

Streaks app

The New Year doesn't only bring parties and cheers and fireworks. It's also a time when many of us look to the year ahead and make resolutions about what we want to change or accomplish in that year. Streaks can make it easy to keep track of up to 12 new daily habits and it integrates with the iOS Health app to help you stay on track.