iPhone App Marketing: How to Increase User Downloads

Techniques you can use to encourage more users to download your iPhone app

The Apple iPhone has managed to hold its position in the market, in spite of stiff competition from several rivals brands and manufacturers. Comprising several thousands of apps, the Apple App Store proudly stands at the very helm of the app marketplace. This in turn creates a huge supply of app developers for the platform. Now that you have developed a nice app for the iPhone, it is important that you encourage more and more users to download your app. The more satisfied users are with your app, the more they will ask others to try out the same. This will also give rise to higher rankings for your app, which will then automatically push up the status of your app in the Apple App Store.

Here are some useful tips you could use to increase your iPhone app download among users:

Engage the User

Smartphone displaying QR code.

See how best you can present your app to the potential user. While you should develop your app keeping the ultimate end-user in mind, it is also vital that you let users know how they can benefit from the use of your app. Engage your user with a clever, keyword-filled description of your app, telling them what makes your app so special and how it stands out from the rest.

Focus on App Description

Your app title and app description should be able to clearly communicate the functions of your iPhone app to the user. While both the title and the app description should be keyword-rich, take care not to overdo it. Also, avoid using app names which are similar to already popular apps. This would end up doing more harm than good.

Submitting to the iTunes Store

See to it that your iPhone app fulfils all the criteria as mentioned in the iTunes Store, before Tips to Submit Your Mobile App to App Stores submitting the same therein. Also, give an appropriate app description, clearly stating all the functions of your app and the purpose which it is meant to serve.

Get Sponsorship

Now, this step could prove to be rather difficult to successfully achieve. It could get nearly impossible to get sponsorship for your app, especially if you are an entry-level freelance app developer. Nevertheless, this is worth giving a shot, because an app sponsorship can ease all your financial constraints related to marketing your iPhone app.

Create a Website for Your App

Once your app is approved by the iTunes Store, you should release a Website for the same, giving users all the required app information. You could also insert screenshots and videos, so that potential users get a general feel of your app. Remember to ask some of your friends to review your app beforehand and include these reviews in your Website as well. This will encourage more users to put in their reviews too.

Issue a Media Release

Make some noise about the release of your iPhone app. Issue a media release for your app and submit it to the most popular Websites, so as to bring you more exposure. Also, create a free trial especially for them and ask them to do a hands-on review of your app on their site. This will bring your app further into the limelight. Remember also to offer promo codes on the most prominent app developer and user forums. This would help drive more traffic to your app.

Submit App to iPhone App Review Sites

There are several good iPhone app review sites out there. Submit your app therein, so as to gain more user opinions for your app. More reviews obviously translates into more app sales.

Employ Social Media

Social media is in like never before. Facebook is the current favorite among users of all ages. Promote your app on Facebook and other social media channels such as Twitter, Google+, MySpace, YouTube and so on. You could also request your family and friends to share your app on their friend networks, so as to bring even more traffic to your iPhone app.

Blog about Your App

Blog regularly about your app- this will let you further interact with your users. Publish regular updates if you can and share each one on your blog. Take active part in iPhone user and developer forums and discuss your app with all around. This will also let you gain more feedback on your app.

Advertise Your App

Advertising your app the traditional way could prove to be an expensive proposition. Instead, you could try out many of the existing free classified ads and link exchange programs to give your app more exposure among iPhone users. If you can afford it, inserting paid ads in the various social networks and app-related Websites may well turn out to be profitable for you. You could additionally feature ad banners at important trade shows.

Employ the above-mentioned techniques to get more exposure for your iPhone app, thereby increasing the chances of users downloading the same. Can you think of more ways to market an iPhone app?