iPhone 9 Might Launch April 5: Report

Case shipments indicate new 4.7-inch iPhone is coming soon

Why This Matters:

Apple’s remaining 4.7-inch smartphone, the iPhone 8, is getting a little long in the tooth. An update like a new mobile CPU is long overdue, but this is still just a rumor.

Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.  Apple

Apple’s long-rumored iPhone 9 may soon be arriving at stores, if a shipment to Best Buy of of 4.7-inch cases for a new iPhone are to be believed.

What’s going on: Someone sent 9to5Mac a photo of a new iPhone case, apparently part of a larger shipment to a Best Buy store. While not explicitly mentioning the iPhone 9, the packaging does say it’s for a “New iPhone 4.7-inch, 2020.”

What is the iPhone 9? Rumors of an iPhone 9, the potential update to Apple’s affordable, but clearly last generation iPhone 8, have been floated around since last year. The new phone would maintain the iPhone 8’s design, Touch ID, and 4.7-inch screen, but replace the A11 Bionic CPU with, possibly, an A13 Bionic CPU, the same one found inside the iPhone 11 line. The new phone also might be called the iPhone SE 2.

Apple's Current iPhone Lineup

  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max

When is this happening: Stores have been told, according to 9to5Mac, to keep these cases off the shelves until April 5. Some believe this is the day the iPhone 9 (and a larger iPhone 9 Plus) will arrive.

But wait, there’s more: If Apple does announce an iPhone 9 as soon as this week, there’s a small chance it might also throw in a new Apple Watch 6 and a minor AirPods update. Normally, Apple might hold a product event to launch all these new gadgets, but in the age of the COVID-19 Pandemic, these are far from normal times.

Bottom Line: At $449, Apple’s iPhone 8 is the still stylish and very affordable alternative to Apple’s cutting-edge and significantly more expensive iPhone 11 and 11 Pro line. It makes sense to maintain the sub-$500 price point while nudging the phone, performance-wise, to be in step with the iPhone 11. Plus, you still get Touch ID, which some consumers prefer over Face ID.

Via: 9to5Mac

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