iPhone 7 Rumors: UK Release Expected Soon

Apple’s Next iPhone is Believed to Come with Even Better Features

Apple iPhone 6
Image © John Karakatsanis/Flickr.

July 16, 2015

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the current rage among iOS device lovers. Market sources additionally believe that the giant is readying to release the iPhone 6s in September this year. In the midst of all this news comes the rumor that Apple is planning to release its next iPhone, the iPhone 7, in the UK.

Here are some details about the rumored iPhone 7….

    Is iPhone 7 the New iPhone 6s?

    There is speculation that the iPhone 7 may actually be released as the iPhone 6s. Considering that Apple had come out with the iPhone 5 and then the 5S, some experts averred that the 6s may be released next. However, the iPhone 6 Plus already came alongside the iPhone 6 and so, it may be unlikely that it continues with the ‘6’ category. Of course, the fact is that Apple had also released the iPhone 5C along with the iPhone 5. So no one can really be sure as to what the company may want to do this time.

    Sources suggest that the next iPhone, whatever it may be called, will be significantly different from all its predecessors and will include much better features as well. That is why, they believe, the giant will get rid of the ‘6’ tag and go in for the iPhone 7 line instead. They also believe that is likely to be released in September this year.

    According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is supposedly preparing for its biggest ever launch yet, with 85-90 million units readying for manufacture in China, ahead of the launch.

    So the company obviously expects huge sales of its next iPhone this year.


    Leaked photos online seem to indicate that the iPhone 7 would look almost identical to the iPhone 6. However, the mounting points for the logic board and certain components may vary and this would make the actual difference to the device.

    The rumored device may come with a Qualcomm LTE chip, which would be capable of delivering twice the regular LTE download speeds.


    • The iPhone 6 line of phones was significantly different from the iPhone 5 line. Hence, Apple may not be making too many changes on its next iPhone. Hence, it may come with a 4.7-inch screen, plus a slim, rounded, form factor. It would most likely be available in Silver, Slate Grey, Gold and a new, Rose Gold finish, like that of the Apple Watch. If the company chose to release an iPhone 7 Plus alongside, it could probably come with a 5.5-inch display.
    • The next iPhone could be lighter and more durable, because of the use of sapphire glass and liquid metal materials.
    • Apple is believed to be working on a way to make future iPhones waterproof, without it affecting the basic design of its smartphones. It may finally decide to coat inner electronic components with the water-resistant material, instead of merely protecting it from the outside. This would definitely be more effective.

    Features and Specs

    • Features-wise, the iPhone 7 is believed to come with Force Touch technology, due to which it would be 0.15mm longer and 0.2mm thicker than the immediate predecessor. Incidentally, this technology features in the Apple Watch and the new MacBook.
    • Reports further indicate that the next-gen iPhone would use Apple’s own A9 chip, along with the M9 co-processor, whereas the iPhone 6C would feature the older A8 chip. It is also believed that the new device will add in RAM with 2GB LPDDR4 memory. Samsung is said to be the main supplier of the A9 processor and it is using a new 14-nanometer process for the same.
    • It would also come with a much-improved camera and better battery life, with new features such as wireless charging. Further, it could include new location-based services; location-tracking features within residential or official premises; “sidewall display” like on the Galaxy Note Edge and much more.  
    • A rumor about the Touch ID feature is that the iPhone 7 could build in its proprietary fingerprint sensor into the display itself, thereby eliminating the need for a Home button. this could give the effect of a more enlarged display, in spite of the phone’s size remaining more or less the same.
    • Lastly and most importantly, the iPhone 7 is rumored to ship with iOS 9, pre-installed onto the device. 

    All of the above are only rumors from online and other sources. Apple has yet stated nothing about its upcoming smartphone. Anyways, remember to watch this space for more. We will update you with more news and information as it happens.