Can an iPad Pro Charge Wirelessly?

No, while some Apple devices support wireless charging, the iPad isn't there yet

What to Know

  • As of the iPad Pro (2022), no iPad supports wireless charging.
  • For easy charging in the meantime, use a Smart Connector charger or the Magic Keyboard.
  • There were rumors that the 2022 iPad Pro would support wireless charging, but that's not the case.

The iPad Pro doesn’t support wireless charging. While Apple has supported Qi wireless charging in its phones since the iPhone X and iPhone 8, which both launched in 2017, it still hasn't brought the technology to the iPad lineup. That means the iPad Pro doesn’t have wireless charging, and there’s no way to charge the iPad Pro wirelessly without adding a third-party accessory.

Does iPad Pro Have Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging is a useful feature that allows you to set your iPhone or Apple Watch on a charging pad without taking the trouble to plug in a USB-C or Lightning connector, but it hasn’t come to the iPad Pro just yet.

If you really want to charge your iPad Pro wirelessly, you can add a Qi wireless charger receiver. These receivers are designed to plug into the iPad Pro USB-C port and lay flat against the back of the iPad. For a clean look, you can add a thin protective cover, but the charging receiver typically won’t work if you use anything as thick as a standard folio or keyboard case. If you use a case like that, you’ll usually have to remove the iPad Pro from the case before you set it on a charger.

The downside of using a Qi wireless charger receiver is they tend to generate heat when in use, which means your iPad Pro may get a lot hotter during charging than it normally does when plugged in via USB-C.

While the iPad Pro doesn’t support Qi wireless charging, it does have a Smart Connector that’s capable of transferring both data and power. This is the method used to connect an iPad Pro to a Magic Keyboard, allowing you to charge your iPad Pro via the USB-C port on the keyboard. This isn’t the same as wireless charging, but it does allow you to charge your iPad Pro without using the USB-C port on your iPad.

Another viable alternative is to use a Smart Connector charger. These chargers are functionally similar to wireless chargers in that you just set your iPad Pro down and it starts charging without having to plug in a USB-C charger. This is a lot easier than physically plugging in a charger, and it results in less wear and tear on your USB-C port. The difference is that there is no wireless transfer of power, as power is provided through the Smart Connector. And it's far, far slower to charge via the Smart Connector.

Can Any iPads Be Charged Wirelessly?

As of the 2022 models, the iPad Pro doesn’t support wireless charging, and neither does any iPad, iPad Mini, or iPad Air. This feature isn’t available in any current or previous generation of any model of iPad.

Other iPads can make use of the Qi wireless charging receivers mentioned in the previous section, as can any iPad with a Smart Connector. Third-party Smart Connector charging stations aren’t all universally compatible, though, as different iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro models have a variety of Smart Connector placements.

  • How long does it take to charge an iPad Pro?

    While your mileage may vary, it takes approximately four and a half hours to charge your iPad Pro, assuming you aren't using the device while it's charging.

  • What USB-C charger can I use to charge my iPad Pro?

    You can use any of Apple’s USB-C chargers to charge your iPad Pro, even the fast-charging models that came with your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. The 16-inch MacBook Pro comes with a 96W model, and even this is safe to use with your iPad. Your iPad's battery capacity determines how much power it receives from the charger.

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