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The 2021 iPad Pro has already been released, but that’s not the only Pro tablet that we’ll see this year. The iPad mini Pro is also expected, and just as it sounds, it'll be the mini version of the iPad Pro.

When Will the iPad mini Pro Be Released?

The consensus right now, with the little information anyone has, is this tablet will arrive in the second half of 2021.

Lifewire’s Release Date Estimate

We agree with the H2 forecast given that the iPad mini is expected during the same time. They might even be released simultaneously. The iPad Pro just came out in May 2021, so waiting a bit for this mini lookalike makes sense.

iPad mini Pro Price Rumors

Something that's unclear right now is how the tablet will be marketed. If it's viewed as a smaller iPad Pro, the price could turn out different than if it's looked at as a larger, more capable iPad mini. Of course, design elements and hardware also play a big role in price.

One estimate is around $650, which sounds reasonable considering the in-between price of the cheapest iPad mini and iPad Pro is $600.

Pre-Order Information

Pre-ordering usually commences shortly after announcement. Be sure to follow this page for updates so that you can get your hands on the iPad mini Pro as soon as Apple chooses to divulge all the details.

iPad mini Pro Features

Most of the expected features mirror the regular iPad mini rumors and the confirmed 2021 Pro features, excluding the screen size.

One such angle Apple is said to be hitting with the mini Pro is in-display Touch ID. The 2021 iPad Pro doesn't have it but the upcoming mini might include it. When a device's screen is stretched as far as possible, or bezels thinned to the max, one place to put the fingerprint sensor is inside the screen. Of course, Apple could opt to use only Face ID or embed the sensor in the power button.

Something else we expect is USB-C. The regular mini will most likely include it, and the latest Pro tablet already does. Apple says the Pro's port is the fastest port ever used on an iPad, so bringing it to the mini Pro makes sense.

It also follows that with a USB-C Pro-level mini, Apple Pencil support will be included. The 2nd gen Pencil works with Air and Pro models only, so this new iPad could fit the bill or even usher in a 3rd gen Pencil.

iPad mini Pro Specs and Hardware

Most of the details we have right now come from Twitter user Tron, who claims to be confident about several details but the price.

The 8.7-inch screen that’s mentioned is larger than the biggest estimate we’ve seen for the upcoming iPad mini, which sits at anywhere from 7.9” to 8.4”, and nearly a whole inch bigger than the 7.9-inch mini that’s already out. But it’s still clearly smaller than the 11-inch iPad Pro, though the source says that this tablet will be longer when measured horizontally.

Space Gray and Silver are common iPad colors, so it’s no surprise that the mini Pro will follow suit. However, if we assume this source is correct and exhaustive in listing the color choices, it looks as if the gold option you have for the current iPad mini won’t be an option in these models.

An iPad Pro feature that we’ll see in the mini Pro is 5G. This next-gen network technology isn’t supported in the existing iPad mini.

The current mini comes in two storage sizes: 64 GB and 256 GB. The Pro's storage starts 128 GB and goes up to 2 TB. Since this will be the Pro version of the mini, our guess is that you'll have a larger option, either 1 or 2 TB.

The Latest News About the iPad mini Pro

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