New iPad mini Pro: News and Expected Price, Release Date, Specs; and More Rumors

Here's what the rumors say about the pro version of the iPad mini 6

iPad mini 5th gen color options
iPad mini 5th gen.


After the 2021 iPad Pro and 2021 iPad mini, a combo tablet, the iPad mini Pro, is a related rumor we've heard. Just as it sounds, it'd be the pro-level version of the mini that arrived in late 2021.

When Will the iPad mini Pro Be Released?

With what little information anyone has, the consensus right now is this tablet, if it's even real, will arrive in 2023.

Lifewire's Release Date Estimate

2023 is the strongest possibility. The latest iPad mini arrived in September 2021, and after more than one event since then, Apple still hasn't unveiled the iPad Pro mini.

iPad mini Pro Price Rumors

What's unclear right now is how Apple will market the tablet. If it's viewed as a smaller iPad Pro, the price could turn out different than if it's looked at as a larger, more capable iPad mini. Of course, design elements and hardware also play a significant role in the price.

One estimate is around $649 to $699, which sounds reasonable considering that it's the in-between price of the lower-end models of the mini and Pro (which are $499 and $799).

Pre-Order Information

Usually, pre-ordering commences shortly after the announcement. Be sure to follow this page for updates so that you can get your hands on the iPad mini Pro as soon as Apple chooses to divulge all the details.

iPad mini Pro Features

Most features we expect mirror the regular iPad mini and Pro features, excluding the screen size. Follow the links at the top of this page for those details.

One angle some people are taking is that the mini Pro will have in-display Touch ID. One glaring issue with this speculation is that the 2021 iPad Pro and iPad mini don't have it, so it's very unlikely the pro-level mini will get it. Unless it's not release for a while after those editions.

Something else we can safely assume is USB-C. The regular mini and latest Pro tablet both include it. Apple says the Pro's port is the fastest port ever used on an iPad, so bringing it to the mini Pro makes sense.

It also follows that with a USB-C Pro-level mini, Apple Pencil support will be included. The 2nd gen Pencil works with Air and Pro models, and more recently the latest iPad mini from 2021. So, this new iPad will absolutely fit the bill, or even usher in a 3rd gen Pencil.

iPad mini Pro Specs and Hardware

Most of the details we have right now come from Twitter user Tron, who claims to be confident about several details but the price.

The 8.7-inch screen Tron mentions is larger than the 2021 iPad mini, which sits at 8.3”, and nearly a whole inch larger than the 2020 model. But it’s still clearly smaller than the 11-inch iPad Pro, though the source says that this tablet will be longer when measured horizontally.

Space Gray is a standard iPad color, so it’s no surprise that the mini Pro will follow suit. We don't assume that list is exhaustive, though. Pink, Starlight, and Purple are additional colors the current mini supports, so some or all of them will probably make it into the Pro mini, too.

An iPad Pro feature that we’ll see in the mini Pro is 5G. The latest mini supports 5G as well, but not mmWave. There's a good chance Apple will tweak the Pro mini to take advantage of that network type.

The current mini comes in two storage sizes: 64 GB and 256 GB. The Pro's storage starts at 128 GB and goes up to 2 TB. Since this will be the Pro version of the mini, we guess that you'll have a larger option, either 1 or 2 TB.

The Latest News About the iPad mini Pro

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