How to Fix it When Your iPhone Keeps Asking for the Password

Is your iPhone or iPad asking for your Apple ID? Here's what to do

Apple's iPhones and iPads are closely aligned with iCloud. When your iCloud account experiences problems, your iOS device may not sync properly with Apple's cloud services, causing it to request your password repeatedly.

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Causes of Your iPhone Repeatedly Asking for a Password

Sometimes, after an app download or iOS update, your iPhone or iPad repeatedly asks for your password. It prompts you to log in with your Apple ID, which connects to your iCloud account, usually because a download is hung up and did not complete.

This annoying error can also be caused by an outdated iOS version.

No matter what the cause, you can take steps to stop the requests.

Information in this article applies to iPhones and iPads running iOS 12 through iOS 9 and iPadOS 13.

  1. Confirm that iCloud is working

    To find out whether the service is up, go to the Apple System Status web page. In the alphabetical list, look for a green dot next to iCloud Account & Sign In.

    While you're there, look for the green dot next to any of the iCloud specific services, including iCloud Backup, iCloud Mail, iCloud Keychain, and others. If you don't see green dots across the board, you may have found your problem. There's nothing you can do until Apple addresses the problem. Come back to the System Status page later.

  2. Restart the iPhone or iPad

    The first troubleshooting step with most electronic devices is to restart it. Not only can rebooting your iPhone or iPad solve the problem, but it flushes the memory and gives you a clean slate. You restart an iOS device by holding down the Sleep/Wake button (or the Sleep/Wake button and the Volume Up button on some models) for several seconds. This action prompts you to slide a button to power down. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button again to restart.

  3. Look for stuck apps

    If the problem persists, scroll through the pages of your Home screen and inside folders for an app with the word "Waiting" below it or an app icon that is grayed out. Either one is an indication of an app that is hung up in the middle of a download.

    You won't be able to delete the stuck app in the usual way, so the best approach is to restart the iPhone or iPad. The troublesome download will either complete its download when you restart or disappear from the iOS device completely. Sometimes, a stuck book download in the Books app causes the problem. If you spot a book stuck on a download, restart your device to clear up the problem.

  4. Update the operating system

    If you have been slow to update the iOS or iPadOS on your iPhone or iPad, you may encounter problems. Check your current version, and if an update is available, download and install it.

  5. Reset your device

    If the problem persists, you can take a more aggressive approach. Some issues cannot be solved through simple troubleshooting, but almost every problem except those caused by hardware issues can be solved by wiping your iOS device and then restoring it from a backup.

  6. Contact Apple

If nothing helps, contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider or an Apple Store genius for help.