iPads are some of the easiest to use tablets on the market. Learn how to do fun and cool things with yours and what to do when yours is acting up.
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iPadOS 16
iPadOS 16: Release Date, Features, News, and Price
A child looks at her mother pointing at something on an iPad
How to Block YouTube on iPad
Three iPads stacked on top of one another on a green grid background.
How Long Does an iPad Last?
Two men sitting together indoors looking at an iPad. Behind them are two women talking.
How to Fix It When Safari Is Not Working on an iPad
Amazon Fire tablet vs iPad
Amazon Fire Tablet vs. iPad: Which Is Right for You?
The iPad Mini held by a user.
How to Reset an iPad Mini
Apple Displays New Products At 5th Ave Store In New York City
What Is the Difference Between an iPad and a Tablet?
A woman multitasks with a video call on an iPad.
Is an iPad Worth It? 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy One
A woman tries to fix the floating keyboard on her iPad.
How to Fix a Floating Keyboard on an iPad
An Apple iPad on the lock screen with the time shown.
How to Change the Time on an iPad
A father and son looking at a tablet
How to Turn On AirDrop on iPad
A man puts his iPad into Do Not Disturb Mode at work.
How to Use Do Not Disturb on iPad
A girl tries to open a locked app on an iPad.
How to Lock Apps on an iPad
An Apple iPad turned on and on a desk.
How to Save Passwords on an iPad
A couple using an iPad in bed
How to Mute the iPad
A father and son on the couch using an iPad
How to Enable Cookies on an iPad
An iPad with a lock on it
How to Reset an iPad Without a Password
Woman with her hand on her forehead, having iPad problems
How to Fix It When an iPad Won't Turn Off
Woman waving hand holding digital tablet for video calling
How to Make or Receive Phone Calls on iPad or Mac
An iPad showing the restore screen
How to Fix a Disabled iPad by Connecting to iTunes
ipad touch id, seguridad
How to Fix an iPad's Home Button Not Working
A man looking at his iPad next to his laptop, while sitting at a table.
12 Ways to Fix it When Sidecar Isn't Working on iPad
A man leaning back in a chair, reading an iPad
How to Use Reading Mode on an iPhone or iPad
A woman holding an iPhone and mirroring its screen on her Windows PC.
How to Mirror an iPhone or iPad to a PC
A woman sitting at a desk looking at her iPad.
How to Turn Off Private Browsing Mode on iPad
The form to connect a new email account shown in on an iPad screen, which is sitting on a table next to a cup of coffee.
How to Add Email to iPad
A mother and daugher in the kitchen with their tablet
How to Transfer Data from iPad to iPad
Woman looking at an iPad and speaking into a microphone
Does the iPad Have a Microphone?
iPad sitting on table
How to Use an iPad With an Android Phone
A woman listening to music and drawing on her tablet.
How to Draw on the iPad
A doctor is in a virtual meeting.
How to Share Screen on Zoom on an iPad
Crash icon on iPad screen
8 Reasons Why Your iPad Keeps Crashing
Someone right-clicking on an ipad by using the tap-and-hold gesture.
How to Right-Click on iPad
Conversation in the Translate app on iPad
How to Use Auto Translate on iPad
Man on couch with tablet.
What Year Is My iPad?
An iPad Pro connected to a Magic Keyboard with Touch ID
How to Connect a Magic Keyboard to Your iPad or iPad Pro
iPad Settings, General section
How to Find the MAC Address on an iPad
2022 iPad Air
The iPad Air 5: Price, Release Date, Specs, and News
An M1 iPad Pro 5G with FaceTime and Center Stage.
How Does Center Stage Work on the iPad?
Apple Maps on iPad
How to Update Maps on iPad
An iPad with a lock icon on the screen
How to Encrypt Your iPad
A white iPad in landscape orientation showing no connection.
Why Is My iPad Bluetooth Not Working? How to Fix the Problem
A screenshot of the iPadOS Apple ID settings menu with Sign Out option visible
How to Disconnect an iPad From an iPhone
A woman using an Apple Pencil.
How to Set up an Apple Pencil
A woman using an Apple Pencil.
What iPads Are Compatible With the Apple Pencil?
Widgets on the homescreen of an iPad running iPadOS 15
How to Add Widgets on iPad
Apple's 6th generation iPad Pro with M2 chip.
New iPad Pro 2022: Price, Release Date, Specs, and News
Charging readout displayed on a tablet.
Can an iPad Pro Charge Wirelessly?
A photo of the Apple Pencil attached to an iPad with the battery notification shown.
How to Check the Apple Pencil Battery
iPad mini 5th gen color options
New iPad mini Pro: News and Expected Price, Release Date, Specs; and More Rumors
iPadOS 15 mockup
iPadOS 15: Release Date, Features, and Supported Devices
Artist Eric “Efdot” Friedensohn using the Apple Pencil and an iPad.
How to Charge an Apple Pencil (Any Generation)
A woman leans over a table, tapping her iPad
How to Download Fonts on iPad
Man stretched out on the couch looking at an iPad
How to Get a Full Screen on iPad
A person holding an iPad in their lap that shows low battery
How to Check Your iPad's Battery Health
iPad mini 2021 home screen
2021 iPad mini: News, Price, Release Date, and Specs
2021 iPad Pro side view with Magic Keyboard attached
2021 iPad Pro: News, Price, Release Date, and Specs
A top down view of changing an iPad name on an iPad.
How to Change Your iPad Name
The iPad and iPad Air.
iPad vs. iPad Air: What’s the Difference?

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