How to Find Yahoo's IP Address

Can't reach Yahoo? Try connecting through its IP address

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If you're having trouble accessing the Yahoo website by typing into your browser, there could be a number of problems. The site could be down, there might be a problem with your browser, the DNS cache might be corrupted, or your antivirus software might be interfering with access.

A simple solution is to use Yahoo's IP address to access the site. An IP address is a unique identifying number for a device on a network. Using a Yahoo IP address may help bypass any connection problems and regain your access to Yahoo. Here's how to find and use a Yahoo IP address.

The IP address you use to reach Yahoo's website may depend on your physical location.

Yahoo IP Address Ranges

Yahoo's addresses span several different IP ranges. To find the specific IP address that your network contacts to reach Yahoo, use the tracert command in a command prompt in Windows, like this:


How to Ping

The address that shows up from the tracert command is the one to ping to get to Yahoo. Here's an example:

Tracing route to []

To ping Yahoo and make sure the website is still accessible from your network, enter this into a command prompt using the IP address tracert gave you:

ping []

The ping command can also be used in reverse in order to find the IP address of a website.

Other Solutions to Reach Yahoo

While using an IP-based URL might bypass whatever problem you're experiencing reaching a website such as Yahoo, this kind of workaround may violate your host network's acceptable use policy (AUP). Check your AUP and/or contact your local network administrator to make sure that visiting Yahoo is allowed.

Try flushing your DNS cache if you suspect the website is working but not loading on your computer. To confirm this, check the site on your phone or another computer. Another quick troubleshooting step is restarting your computer or router, which often solves mystery problems.

Try to access Yahoo through a different browser, as some browser add-ons or extensions can disrupt a connection to a website.

If the problem persists, try temporarily disabling your antivirus program to see if this solves the issue. Some antivirus programs take a long time monitoring network traffic, and if a website takes too long to load, the connection may time out.

If Yahoo isn't loading on any computer or phone, or through any browser, Yahoo might be down, or your ISP might have an issue.

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