iOS Users Can Now Try T-Mobile's Network With an App

The Network Test Drive app uses eSIM technology to make the switch easier

iOS users with an iPhone XS or newer can use the T-Mobile Network Test Drive app to try out the carrier's service immediately—no mobile hotspot required.

T-Mobile's Network Test Drive app works with the eSIM technology present in newer iPhones to bypass the need for a mobile hotspot. So long as you have an iPhone XS or newer with iOS 14.5 or higher, the phone is unlocked, and you aren't currently using eSIM, you just have to download the app and follow the instructions. You'll then be able to try out T-Mobile's network for 30 days or 30GB of data, whichever comes first.

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According to T-Mobile, during the trial, your primary number will remain active for calls and texts, but you also can use a temporary number instead, if you prefer. T-Mobile recommends that you set your primary network provider as your default line, but you can always change the setting later. Once the trial ends the eSIM profile will be deactivated and you'll be switched back to your original provider.

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eSIMs make it possible for users to create multiple SIM profiles that they can download and switch between at will, without the need to physically change their smartphone's SIM card. As LightReading points out, eSIMs also make a service that automatically switches providers for you to get a stronger signal or a less expensive network.

If you'd still like to try out T-Mobile's network but don't have the required iPhone features, you can request a mobile hotspot instead.

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