iOS App Development: Cost of Creating an iPhone App

How Much You can Expect to Spend on Developing an iPhone App

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Before going ahead to develop apps for any mobile device, you, as a developer should first think about what you want from it, how much you are willing to spend on it, the audience you want to target with your app and so on. Most app developers create apps as it is their passion. However, this venture should also be profitable enough for you to recover the money, time and effort you spend on creating it.

In this post, we deal with the cost of iPhone app development and how much you can expect to spend to create an app for this device.

Type of iPhone App

Basic iPhone Apps

Database Apps

  • Database or native apps are more advanced and so, you can expect your expenditure to range between $10,000 and $40,000 or higher. Native apps are much more complex, since the entire framework and functioning of the app is purely data driven. The developer has to first understand the logic, create a flow within the app and make it usable and functional, making use of the content, images, sound and so on, as provided by you.
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iPhone Game Apps

  • Developing game apps for the iPhone can be a very expensive proposition. Depending on the type of game app you intend to develop, you can expect to spend anything between $25,000 and $250,000. A typical racing game, for instance, could cost you well over $100,000. Games require many advanced features to be able to catch the audience’s attention and keep them engaged for a good deal of time. The more features you add on, the more you will have to spend on them. Needless to say, a popular game app attracts far more downloads than other apps. That is bound to increase the developer’s ROI substantially.
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Additional Features

Adding on various other features can also push up the general cost of your iPhone app. Here is a list of some of those features, along with their pricing:

  • Game Center – The iOS SDK provides you seamless integration with its Game Center. This will help reduce your cost to just $1,000 or so.
  • Remote Control – Saving your content on a remote location and updating your app using XML files will cost you an additional $1,000-$5,000. However, this also prevents many unnecessary issues at a later stage.
  • In-App Advertising – You can expect this feature to cost you an additional $1,000-$2,500, depending upon the type of advertising you are looking to display on your iPhone app.
  • Sharing Feature – This integration can add up about $1,000 to your budget. This feature will be useful to you, as it will enable you to use social media to promote your app.
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iPhone App Design

Your app design is vital to the success of your app, as this will help pull users to your app. It is advisable to invest in a good app design, as this will bring you better returns as well. Below is a rough estimate of your app design costs for different iOS devices:

  • A basic iPhone app design usually costs you $1,000-$10,000. You can hand this base level design to your developer, who will in turn add in your content and images into the general code. Of course, creating an app for devices supporting retina display will be more expensive.
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  • Apps designed to be compatible with the iPhone 4 will use images that are twice the size of a regular iPhone. This can add on your costs to about 25 percent more.
  • Apps compatible with the Apple iPad can cost you about 50 percent more than regular iPhone apps.
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    Total Cost

    Once your app is ready, you need to pay the annual $99 registration charge to Apple. You will be paid 70 percent of your app sales revenue. Additionally, app marketing may cost you around $2,500. While this is an added expenditure, it will also help pull in more users for your app, which works out to your benefit.
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There are firms which offer customers app development packages for a mere $1,000, but such apps may lack in quality, thereby reducing the number of users for the same. Hence, it is desirable to spend more and get more ROI for your iPhone app.