3 iOS 9 Features That Photographers Will Enjoy

iOS and the iPhone Photographer

Woman on a commuter train looking at her phone. Ezra Bailey

iOS 9.02 is now out as recent as today. There have been a number of added features that are akin to Apple’s release of the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, and the iPad Pro. I’ve waited to write about how the new iOS affects the experience for those who are in love with the camera.  The reason being is that with every release, I wait to see what the public thinks about it.  I wait for the green light from my circles to avoid the bugs that go out with every release. Since the new models will boast new camera technology Although these are not huge updates for those who do not own the new models, the additional features are improvements and can help in productivity as far as photography is concerned. These are the 3 that I have been enjoying the most.

Selfies, Screenshots, Selfies, Oh Boy!

Added Selfies and Screenshot Albums in the Camera Roll. Brad Puet

Well one of the changes made to the camera roll was the addition of two new albums that automatically populate once you use the features: Selfies and Screenshots. Selfies are typically done by taking a photo using the front-facing camera.  When this shot is taken, a folder is created titled, “Selfies” and from here out, all your beautiful selfies are organized in one album. Screenshots are when you press the Power button and the Home button at the same time. Similar to the selfies, once a screenshot is taken, you then will have an album created for all the screenshots you take. It may not be a major update for some of you, but album and photo organization updates are always welcome in my book.

Siri, Pull Up That One Photo From Way Back When, Please.

Siri, Pull Up My Photos. Brad Puet

I always wondered when Apple would begin to integrate Siri into the photo experience of iOS.  The first Siri/ Photo feature is to have this assistant of yours to find your photos.  This helps in finding a single photo or a set of photos.  For example, I was shooting the Seattle Seahawks this past weekend on the sidelines.  Along with my big camera, I definitely took some shots with my trusty iPhone. When I got home, my wife wanted to know how it went.  The quickest and easiest is to show her what I had on my iPhone as I uploaded the photos from my big camera to my desktop.  "Siri, pull up the photos from this past Sunday." Voila, all the photos I took on Sunday at the game were pulled up! You can have Siri search your photos and videos based on dates, locations, and albums.




To do this make sure your settings for Siri is on.  Go to Settings > General > Siri. 

Notes and Photos Meet

Notes and Photos as an added feature in iOS. Brad Puet

I use my Notes app for everything.  I use the app for my Honey-Do list, work lists, the kids’ school list, my fantasy football, and so much more. I’ve inserted photos that I have had to go out of the app and take. Now I can take a photo directly from within the app and specifically from within a specific note. This is great because not only can you do this, but you can share with the people who may need to know that there are tasks that they can help complete.

I’ve used this already for my photography clients. When meeting with clients, I can draft concepts and ideas with them and plug pictures to complete my ideas and confirm their buy-in on the idea.  It’s been a great tool for on the fly concept building.  For example, I saw an awesome landscape image – well at least in my head – but it was midday and the light was way too harsh for my concept to come to fruition. I took the photo, typed in the location and a few days later and during the golden hour, I took some great portraits with an amazing background.