iOS 16 Promises a Better iPhone With New Screen Customizations, More

The beta phase is over

The wait is over—iOS 16 is out of its beta testing phase and available for all compatible iOS devices.

If you've patiently waited for the new iOS 16 release, you're in luck. The latest version of Apple's smartphone operating system is available now. As long as your iPhone is compatible (i.e., you have an iPhone 8 or newer), you can start the update immediately.

New lock screen in iOS 16


Like most significant version jumps, this update offers several new features for your iPhone. The lock screen is more customizable with simulated depth for your photos, choose between display fonts, and set your preferences for what kind of information is displayed. It can cycle between photos and provide quick looks at the information you want without unlocking your phone. And yes, this is also the iOS update that adds the ability to edit your text messages.

Live Text in iOS 16


Other new features include a Live Text update that can recognize and translate text in videos and improved security in Safari via passkeys that utilize biometric identification instead of passwords. Accessibility is also expanding to include Door Detection to help users with impaired vision and live captions for phone, and FaceTime calls for the hard of hearing.

You can install iOS 16 on your iPhone now, free of charge, provided it's an iPhone 8 or newer.

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