iOS 15 Will Let You Find Your AirPods With Find My Network

Link your AirPods to your Apple ID

Code has been discovered in the latest iOS 15 beta that suggests users of AirPods will be able to link their devices with their Apple ID for more precise location-based tracking.

More information about how Apple plans to bring Find My support to AirPods has possibly been revealed thanks to code discovered by 9To5Mac in the latest iOS 15 beta. According to Engadget, Apple has been talking quite a bit about how it wants to bring more support for AirPods to iOS 15, including better tracking. The code found suggests that users will be able to connect their AirPods to their Apple ID.

AirPods Max on a table next to a plant

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Based on the code seen so far, it looks like the feature only will work with AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. However, once connected, users will be able to track their AirPods through Apple’s Find My network via Bluetooth. This means you would be able to track where your AirPods are without having them connected to your phone, a big improvement over the current way that users track their AirPods. The method should be somewhat similar to how AirTags are tracked across the Find My network.

Unfortunately, AirPods are not locked to your Apple ID in the same way that your iPhone or iPad is, which means they can be removed from the Find My network if someone steals or finds them. This, again, is similar to how Apple currently treats AirTags, which are tied to an Apple account, but also can be reset to default manually.

Apple's Find My Network on phone, computer, and tablet


It’s unclear if Apple will change how these systems work before the official release of iOS 15. If this feature makes it into the final release, though, owners of non-Pro AirPods will still have to use the old system.

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