iOS 15.2 Beta Lets You Scan for AirTags and More

You'll be able to detect Find My items that might be tracking you

Apple released the beta for iOS 15.2 on Tuesday, adding new safety enhancements to the Find My app.

With the update, Apple has added several new features for users to test. The Find My app has received a huge update in the iOS 15.2 beta, including the option to scan for AirTags and other Find My-enabled items that could be tracking them.

Apple AirTag attached to keychain

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According to MacRumors, users will be able to open the Find My app on the iOS 15.2 beta and select the 'Items' tab. They can then choose the 'Items That Can Track Me' option to find any unknown items around them that could possibly be used to track them.

When activated, the Unknown Items feature will scan for anything nearby and then alert you to any that it finds. Apple then provides instructions to disable those devices so they can no longer be used for tracking purposes without your permission.

The update also brings an upgraded option to help users find lost items too. This is the same as the previous 'Identify Found Item' selection, and it will scan devices nearby. Once scanned, the app can then offer instructions to help you contact the owner of the item so that it can be returned.

Apple will also let users offer personalized instructions on their devices. 

The Find My app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac


These new features are part of Apple’s move to provide safety measures against the use of AirTags, and other Find My devices for malicious purposes, like stalking. AirTags are designed to play a sound within eight to 24 hours after they are separated from their owner, and Apple will now alert iPhone owners if an AirTag is near them.

Apple is reportedly working on an app for Android phones that will detect unknown AirTags or other Find My devices.

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