ION Audio VCR 2 PC VHS Player - Review

ION Audio VCR 2 PC - Front View with Accessories
ION Audio VCR 2 PC - Front View with Accessories. Photo © Robert Silva - Licensed to

Introduction To The Ion Audio VCR 2 PC

The VCR 2 PC from ION Audio allows transfer of home recorded VHS videos to your PC and copy them onto DVD, iPod, or compatible mobile phones. The VCR 2 PC is actually a VHS tape player that has a USB interface connection. To make the transfer and copying process easier, ION provides capture and basic editing software. Another convenient feature is the auxiliary AV inputs for connection of a camcorder, thus using the VCR to PC as an analog-to-USB converter for your camcorder or other external video source. NOTE: You cannot transfer or make copies of copy-protected VHS movie tapes.

VCR 2 PC Features

  • VHS tape player with USB connection for video transfer to PC.
  • Outputs: One set of RCA Audio/Composite Video connections. USB connection for PC.
  • Inputs: One set of RCA Audio/Composite Video for connecting external sources, such as a Camcorder.
  • Auto-tracking, variable speed slow motion, playback, and rewind. Soft-touch, backlit buttons
  • Available in PAL version with SCART output connection upon request.
  • Minimum PC Requirements: Windows XP (32-bit) or Vista (32-bit), USB 2.0 port.
  • Box includes: VCR 2 PC player, Software CD, USB cable, Quick start guide
  • Note: VCR 2 PC works only with the included EZ VHS Converter software.
  • Note: Not compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows XP or Vista at this time.
  • Note: VCR 2 PC is not compatible with Mac at this time. However, finished files can play on a Macintosh using QuickTime 8.

Setting Up The VCR 2 PC

The VCR 2 PC provides an efficient, practical, way to transfer your old VHS Tapes (non-copy-protected) to either DVD or portable video playback device, using its USB interface and provided software with a PC.

Setting up the VCR 2 PC is fairly easy. After you install the provided EZ VHS Converter Software, all you have to do is connect the VCR 2 PC to your desktop or laptop using a USB cable (which is also provided). After transferring your video to your PC, you can do some basic editing before burning your video to DVD (you must have a DVD writer) or your portable video playback device.

In addition to transferring VHS tapes to your PC, the VCR 2 PC also has standard audio/video line outputs that allow you transfer video from an external source, such as an analog camcorder, cable box, or DTV converter. Also, as you are transferring your video to the PC, you can also watch it simultaneous on your television using the VCR 2 PC's analog audio video output connections.

There are several things I really liked about the VCR 2 PC. However, one thing I didn't care for is that the auxiliary audio/video inputs only accommodate mono audio. For those that have videos recorded with stereo sound, you don't get the full benefit. Also, if you are a PC novice, you may find the software menus not as intuitive as they could be.

VCR 2 PC Performance

Overall, the VCR 2 PC is good option for transferring old VHS videos to DVD without the next for an external analog-to-digital converter or the need to have analog audio/video inputs on your PC. Although I would have preferred some higher-end features on the VHS playback unit, such as S-VHS and HiFi stereo audio playback, ION is definitely cornering the market on analog-to-PC conversion and transfer devices that fall into "Why didn't I think of that?" product category.


  • Easy to use VHS tape to PC transfer.
  • USB conversion for external sources plugged into the VCR2PC front mounted aux inputs.
  • Video-to-USB transfer software included.
  • USB cable provided.
  • Well-placed transport controls and video inputs/outputs.


  • The VCR does not record (no tuner) - VHS tape playback unit only.
  • Mono audio capability only - no VHS HiFi Stereo playback or transfer capability.
  • No remote control.
  • No S-Video inputs or outputs.
  • Software requires a little learning curve.

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NOTE: ION Audio has discontinued production of the VCR 2 PC, but you may still be able to find both new and used units via third parties - Buy From Amazon.

There isn't a direct VCR 2 PC replacement product available, but analog-to-PC video capture/editing/copying products are available that can be connected to a traditional VCR, Camcorder, or other compatible video playback device. Check out some that are available via Amazon.

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