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Internet TV Devices for Watching Streaming Video on the Big Screen

Internet TV is the way to watch these days. Nearly every show and movie you want to see is available online, often for free and on a flexible schedule. The problem with watching internet TV is the small screen.

These internet TV devices let you connect your big screen TV to the web for access to all the video content available online, from Netflix and Hulu to Apple and YouTube.

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Roku streaming stick and remote
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Roku was the original streaming device for watching Netflix instantly on your TV. Netflix has branched out to other devices, and Roku has branched out to different streaming sites. With a Roku streaming device, you can watch premium internet TV channels like MLB TV, Hulu Plus, and Amazon VOD. More »

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Apple tv device
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Apple TV is the newest internet TV device. With it, you can rent or buy movies and shows from the iTunes store, watch YouTube and other streaming video sites, and access the Netflix online catalog. More »

Nintendo Wii and controller
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Wii and other video game devices and web-enabled and let you easily watch internet TV on the big screen.  You can access the internet through your Wii to watch a variety of video channels, including Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and more.  Plus, you get all the advantages of the gaming system. More »

If you prefer Xbox games, this console can also be used for Internet TV.  Xbox is compatible with Netflix and other video streaming sites.

Playstation offers all the same internet TV capabilities as Wii and Xbox. Make your decisions amongst these three based on games.

TiVo is the original DVR, but the device has expanded its reach to internet TV. Through partnerships with Amazon VOD and Netflix, you can watch a variety of online movies through your TiVo. YouTube and other online video channels are also available.

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Logitech Revue

Logitech Revue device and keyboard
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The Logitech Revue is the first product to support Google TV. Besides Internet TV, it includes a webcam for video calling, your regular cable channels, apps and access to the entire Web through Google's interface.