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A surveillance camera pointed directly at the screen on a laptop computer.
Your Browser Extensions Might Make You More Trackable
Close up upset businesswoman in glasses having problem with laptop
Email Threats Are Still on the Rise
cookies website privacy policy data people looking together
Firefox’s New Privacy Feature Is a Step in the Right Direction
Microsoft Officially Suspends All Support for Internet Explorer
Investor reviews stock market data on several monitors
Hardware Flaw in Bluetooth Chipsets Could Allow Signal Tracking
Close-Up Of Colorful Cookies Sold In Large Glass Jars
Firefox Says 'No' to Cross-site Cookie Tracking
A human hand is pressed against a binary etched glass wall in an image about hackers in the system, cybercrime, people trapped by technology and more.
Why You Shouldn’t Store Sensitive Details in a Web Browser
A white box with a mail logo on it sitting on a computer keyboard with a monitor in the background displaying an email inbox.
Vivaldi Believes an Email Client in Your Browser Is the Way to Go
Glowing Blue Circuit With Security Lock
MIT Experts Find Security Flaw in M1 Chip
A mechanical bug in a simulated web of light.
A .doc File Could Put Your Windows Computer at Risk
Person with a large eye checks the cell phone.
Vodafone’s Bid to Keep the Internet Free Could Impact Your Privacy
Presearch search engine homepage
Presearch Wants to Be the Next Google Search, Minus the Privacy Concerns
Facial recognition scanning a person up close but also several people in a crowd.
Facial Recognition Industry Could Face a Reset
person opening a lock with their smart phone
Researchers Demonstrate a Vulnerability in Bluetooth
History Book extension on Mac, iPhone, and iPad
History Book Is How a Web Browser's History Feature Should Work
Hands of an anonymous hacker holding a credit card over a laptop with binary code displayed on the screen.
Paypal Vulnerability Is Still Unpatched, Researchers Say
Closeup on a computer screen with the Netflix logo displayed.
What the End of Sharing Streaming Passwords Means For You
Pixelated hand of a person dissolving into a computer screen.
Some Websites Could Leak Your Data Even Before You Submit It
Two people smiling at a ticket kiosk in a train station, one holding a smartphone.
Biometrics Are Reliable, but May Not Be Worth the Risk
A child looking at a smartphone in secret while covered up by blankets.
EU Proposal to Safeguard Children Online Could Become a Privacy Nightmare
USB drive plugging into a laptop
Mysterious New Windows Malware Continues to Vex Researchers
Family using internet
White House Details New Plan for Low-Cost Internet
A cybersecurity concept image with a blue circuit and lock overlaying a screen full of binary code.
You Could Still Be at Risk From the Log4J Vulnerability
Password entry on computer screen
Apple, Google, and Microsoft to Expand Passwordless Log-in
Close up on a password input field on a surface with binary numbers. The input field contains eight green asterisks.
Everyone (Including Your Boss) Needs to Use Better Passwords
A smartphone and table with mockup phishing emails displayed on the screen, sitting in front of a laptop keyboard.
Hackers Have Found a Way to Spoof Any Gmail Address
Closeup on a laptop computer displaying a Firefox browser.
Firefox’s 100th Build Brings Picture-in-Picture Subtitles and More
Flat vector illustration depicting app security.
Google Play Apps Will Disclose How Much They Know About You
Someone's face on a screen via video conference in a conference room with people.
Your Video Conferencing App May Listen, Even When Muted
Google corporate logo at the Google Germany offices
You Can Now Ask Google to Remove Personal Info From Searches
Person Using Mobile Phone With Search Engine Symbol
Brave Search’s New Feature Aims to Provide 'More Relevant' Results
Data thieves stealing personal and private data from an unsecure cloud
It's Now Easier for Hackers to Use Public Info Against You
Computer bug on a blue network circuit
Not All Apps Are Safe, Even if They Seem to Work
Using Can't Post It
"Can’t Post It" App Takes a New Approach to Public Privacy
Someone holding a smartphone that's displaying an email account.
Turns Out, Apple’s Hide My Email Feature Is Pretty Great
Someone on the phone with a concerned look on their face, looking at a laptop computer.
That Call From Your Bank Might Be a Scam
DuckDuckGo browser beta for Mac
Why You Need DuckDuckGo’s Privacy Browser
A cafe storefront with a QR code printed on white paper stuck in the window.
Scanning That QR Code Could Be More Dangerous Than You Realize
DuckDuckGo Mac
DuckDuckGo’s Privacy-Focused Web Browser Launches on Mac
fishing rod is harvesting user data in cyberspace
Windows 11 Wants to Save You From Phishing Attacks
Illustration of viruses spreading around the World
Here's Why Malicious Malware Wants Your Smart Home Tech
Malware Detected Warning Screen with abstract binary code 3d digital concept
Beware! That App You’re Downloading Might Not Be Real
Metaverse concept overlaying a real city.
The Centralized Internet Is a Bad Thing, Experts Say
A concept image of the metaverse with a person working on a virtual screen surrounded by lights indicating virtual data.
The Metaverse Is Coming and Security Risks Are Tagging Along
Cars on a busy highway with networking indicators overlaying the image.
Moving the Internet Closer to Autonomous Cars Could Make Them Safer
Closeup of someone holding an iPhone with the Software Update screen displayed.
Why You Totally Want to Use Automatic iOS Updates
Family house render displayed on tablet
Don’t Forget to Secure Your Smart Home
Google search results change
Google Adds Highly Cited Label to Search Results
Two people sitting together, one looking at the other's heart and heartbeat on a tablet computer.
The Music of Your Heartbeat May One Day Be Your Password
Wyze Cam 3 on a white background
You Should Update or Replace Your Wyze Security Camera
Someone doing a fingerprint scan for biometrics security.
Using Biometrics to Prevent SIM Card Abuse Could Introduce Bigger Problems
Someone using two laptops and a smartphone to collect information online.
Be Careful, That Password Pop-Up Could Be Fake
mechanical spider crawling in web of light streams
Microsoft Is Struggling to Squash a Windows 10/11 Bug
Over the shoulder view of young woman using laptop, logging in online banking account with digital security device
A Passwordless Future May Require Our Phones to Be Security Keys
Two eero Pro 6E routers
Eero Launches New Router to Capitalize on Wi-Fi 6E Network
Locked touch screen phone lying on a blue illuminated keyboard
A Better User Experience Could Reduce Smartphone Security Issues
Someone in a gray shirt holding a bowl full of cookies.
The ‘Accept All’ Cookies Option Might Be Riskier Than You Think
Someone logging into a laptop computer using two-factor authentication on their smartphone.
Smartphone Hacks Are on the Rise, Experts Say
Smiling family watching movie on laptop in living room
Qualified ACP Customers Can Now Get Free Verizon Fios