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Digital security key concept
Hardware With Built-In Security Could Be More Secure Than Software, Experts Say
Job Search Hiring Website, man searching for job online
Your Favorite Websites Could Be Leaking Your Searches to the Highest Bidder
Person Using Phone At Desk Next to Router
New Wi-Fi 6E Routers Could Be Disastrous for Mission-Critical Services
Over the shoulder view of young woman using laptop, logging in online banking account with digital security device
Apple Releases Security Updates for 9-Year-Old iPhones and That’s a Big Deal
Collage of people using smartphones in city with Wi-Fi signals
That Popular Android App Could be Sharing Your Data With Others
Children using smartphones and tablets while sitting on a sofa
Children's Online Privacy May Soon Get the Big Boost It Needs
Geolocation pins overlaying a city by the river, with some of the buildings highlighted in green.
Your Mobile Carrier Remembers Where You’ve Been, and That’s a Bad Thing
illustration of hacker and cyber criminals phishing stealing private personal data
Hold Up! That Legitimate Website Could Be a Trick to Steal Your Passwords
Two smartphones side by side, connected to charging cables.
This Is Why You Should Never Use Someone Else's Dirty USB Cable
DuckDuckGo Email Protection illustration
DuckDuckGo Email Protection Beta Drops the Waitlist, Offers Safer Email for All
Blurry hands over a red backlit keyboard
Plex Data Breach Could Have Leaked Your Email or Passwords
Closeup of someone holding a smartphone that has a lock icon on the screen and "Your Device is Protected."
iOS 15.6.1 Is an Important Update, but Don’t Let the Media Scare You
Samsung Internet beta 19.0 synced browsing
Samsung Internet Beta 19.0 Is Out the Door With More Privacy Enhancements
A speaker cone with water dancing on it from sound vibration.
A Song Can Crash Your Hard Drive? It Happens More Than You Think
Three young girls on cell phones.
Your Children Are Likely Being Tracked By Some of Their Favorite Apps
A closeup on a smartphone with a VPN displayed on the screen.
The VPN on Your iPhone May Leak Sensitive Information to Interested Parties
Closeup on the hands of an older person tapping an app icon on a smartphone.
Google Play Store Could Still Be Serving Up Dangerous Shape-Shifting Apps
Someone holding an iPhone with a padlock graphic and "cybersecurity" on the screen.
Turns Out, Security Is Really Important to People Who Use Android Phones
Person managing online banking with mobile app on smartphone while drinking a cup of coffee at sidewalk cafe
Banking on Android? It Could Be More Treacherous Thanks to New Malware
Someone using a laptop computer at a table in their home to conduct a video call.
Why Mac Users Should Uninstall the Zoom App Right Now
A Thunderbolt 4 ProDock with a MacBook docked and connected to dual screens and a keyboard.
Why a Thunderbolt Dock Could Benefit Your Desktop Laptop Lifestyle
An open combination lock sitting on top of a smartphone that's laying on the table.
Your Facebook App Might Still Track You, Even After Being Told Not to
Someone using the Palm Payment option at a Whole Foods store.
Amazon's Palm Payments Are Convenient, But Are They Safe?
Using a smartphone in front of Google logo
Google Promises Better Accuracy in Your Search Results
Motorola Q14
Motorola’s New 6GHz Mesh Router Can Handle All Your Gadgets
1Password 8 for mobile
1Password 8 Finally Comes to Android and iOS
Small duck on computer keyboard
DuckDuckGo Will Block Microsoft's Tracking Attempts, Too
Opera VPN Pro Mac Windows
Opera VPN Pro Now Available for Mac and Windows
An artistic, paper-like image of a hand tapping a lock on a smartphone.
Your Phone Could Soon Let You Block Access to Personal Data
Mature man at home using smartphone for online banking, shopping, social media, e-mail, etc
That Text From Your Friend May Not Be as Innocent as It Seems
A Microsoft computer displaying a warning about a malicious file.
Blocking Macros Is Only the First Step in Defeating Malware
Vehicles on a freeway with green rectangles targeting several of them.
Researchers Show Popular GPS Tracker Is Vulnerable to Hackers
A laptop computer sitting on a red surface connected to an external drive with an iPhone and a thumb drive nearby.
Don’t Let This Rediscovered Computer Hack Scare You
Hacker Concept,Hacker attacking internet through MacBook
New macOS Malware Uses Several Tricks to Spy on You
A young adult using a smartphone while sitting outside a large building.
New Google Play Store Rules Could Encourage Privacy Violations
Person using phone to securely log in
FTC Intends to Crack Down on Illegal Use and Sharing of Your Sensitive Data
Cyber Security, Phishing, E-Mail, Network Security, Computer Hacker, Cloud Computing, Ransomware
That Sudden Zip File in the Email Thread Could Be Malware
A security concept image of a credit card with a fish hook through it laying on a computer keyboard.
Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Scams on Amazon Prime Day
A sign in page with passwords written on sticky notes surrounding it.
Why You Shouldn’t Use Chrome’s Updated Password Manager
A closeup on a computer screen showing a browser address bar with a partial URL in it.
New Firefox Privacy Feature Might Not Benefit Many
Closeup of locked chainlink fence
Google Fixes Critical Flaw in Chrome
Google Password Manager
Google Simplifies Password Manager
Working on a 5G tower
T-Mobile Expands 5G Coverage to 80+ Cities
Brave Search Engine beta
Brave Hands You the Keys to It's Search Results
Closeup on a laptop computer with a USB drive connected to a port on the side.
Why You Shouldn't Plug Unknown Devices Into Your Computer
An iPhone X on a book with several app icons, include the one for Chrome Browser, displayed.
Chrome Gets Better Phishing and Malware Protections on iOS
A surveillance camera pointed directly at the screen on a laptop computer.
Your Browser Extensions Might Make You More Trackable
Close up upset businesswoman in glasses having problem with laptop
Email Threats Are Still on the Rise
cookies website privacy policy data people looking together
Firefox’s New Privacy Feature Is a Step in the Right Direction
Microsoft Officially Suspends All Support for Internet Explorer
Investor reviews stock market data on several monitors
Hardware Flaw in Bluetooth Chipsets Could Allow Signal Tracking
Close-Up Of Colorful Cookies Sold In Large Glass Jars
Firefox Says 'No' to Cross-site Cookie Tracking
A human hand is pressed against a binary etched glass wall in an image about hackers in the system, cybercrime, people trapped by technology and more.
Why You Shouldn’t Store Sensitive Details in a Web Browser
A white box with a mail logo on it sitting on a computer keyboard with a monitor in the background displaying an email inbox.
Vivaldi Believes an Email Client in Your Browser Is the Way to Go
Glowing Blue Circuit With Security Lock
MIT Experts Find Security Flaw in M1 Chip
A mechanical bug in a simulated web of light.
A .doc File Could Put Your Windows Computer at Risk
Person with a large eye checks the cell phone.
Vodafone’s Bid to Keep the Internet Free Could Impact Your Privacy
Presearch search engine homepage
Presearch Wants to Be the Next Google Search, Minus the Privacy Concerns
Facial recognition scanning a person up close but also several people in a crowd.
Facial Recognition Industry Could Face a Reset