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Internet Archive's Movie Archive differs from similar websites that offer free online movies because while you can find full-length films, documentaries, and classic shorts, you can also find rare gems like recorded commercials and video game footage.

Something else you can do at Internet Archive is download free movies. It's 100 percent legal to not only stream these movies but also download them so you can watch them offline on your computer or mobile device.

Internet Archive's Free Streaming Movies

Moving Image Archive page at

Movies at Internet Archive are categorized in sub-collections, some of which are Animation & Cartoons, Computers & Technology, Sports Videos, Vlogs, Stock Footage, Short Format Films and, of course, Movies.

Along the left side of the page are all the filtering options so that you can find movies by topic or subject, collection, creator, year, language, and more.

There are millions of videos at Internet Archive and new ones are added often, so you can stay current with an RSS feed or visit the web page directly and sort the free movies by DATE ARCHIVED.

Free Streaming TV Shows at Internet Archive

Television page on Internet Archive

The TV shows at Internet Archive are unique because while there are recorded shows, it also includes commercials and government proceedings, something you won't find on most TV streaming sites.

Most of the "normal" TV shows are found here in the Classic TV section, but there's also TV Ads, Classic Television Commercials, Election Media, and several categories dedicated to various politicians.

Just like with the free movies at Internet Archive, the public domain TV shows can be filtered by year, language, and other criteria.

Download links are available for TV shows so you can view them offline as well.

Downloading Movies and Shows at Internet Archive

Once you're on the page for streaming a movie or TV show, downloading it as simple as finding the DOWNLOAD OPTIONS section. Once there, pick from one of the file formats. Most videos are available in the MP4, MPEG, and OGV formats, as well as through a TORRENT file.

Download links for Leave it to Beaver

Videos you've download from Internet Archive can be converted to a different video file format if you need it to be in a specific format for a certain device or software program. 

Internet Archive Movie Archive Video Quality

Video quality varies because anyone can upload movies to Internet Archive Movie Archive. However, most of them are completely watchable.

Internet Archive Mobile App

To watch movies and TV shows from Internet Archive while you're away from a computer, you can download the free mobile app for iPhone and iPad.

Benefits of Registering With Internet Archive Movie Archive

Registering isn't necessary to view movies at Internet Archive Movie Archive.

However, to upload videos, write reviews, engage in the forum, or bookmark your favorite videos, you do need to make a user account. You can register for a free account at Internet Archive using your email address and a username.

Where Internet Archive Movie Archive Gets Its Movies

Movies at Internet Archive Movie Archive can be uploaded by any user who creates an account. The assumption is that the uploader has the right to share the movie.

Internet Archive Movie Archive has the right to remove any movie that doesn't comply with their rules, so it's understood that the movies hosted on their website is free for the public to view and download.

Where to Watch Modern Movies

Internet Archive isn't the best option if you're looking for modern films because the site consists mainly of public domain videos, most of which are older movies.

Some alternative sources for high-quality, newer movies include Vudu, Tubi, The Roku Channel, Crackle, IMDb TV, and Kanopy.

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