Best 5 Apps for Sharing Your Computer's Internet Connection

Turn Your Computer Into a Hot Spot

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Combining the functionality of a proxy server and a firewall, internet connection sharing software products provide connection sharing for a home network similar to network routers. Compared to Microsoft Windows ICS, these products offer additional features, and they may be more reliable and easier to use. They allow you to connect all your devices to the internet through just one connection with your service provider.

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Connectify Hotspot

Use Connectify, a virtual router app, when you want to share an internet connection with all your devices at home or in the office. No additional hardware—like a wireless router—is necessary. 

The free Connectify Hotspot shares a wireless internet connection. If you have wired, mobile or other VPS virtual adapters, you'll need to upgrade to Connectify Hotspot PRO or MAX.

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Ositis WinProxy

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WinProxy has been in existence for over 10 years. The latest version bundles internet connection sharing together with anti-virus, anti-spyware, URL filtering, and other security options. WinProxy includes a built-in firewall, parental site restrictions, and privileges that put the user in control of internet access.

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MyPublicWiFi turns your computer into a Wi-Fi access point with URL tracking and firewall protection. Anyone nearby can use your connection to reach the internet. 

MyPublicWiFi can be set to prevent the use of some internet services, such as file sharing programs. It records and tracks all URL pages that are accessed on your virtual hot spot.

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Virtual Router Manager

If you run Windows 7 or 8 and are looking for a simple way to share your internet connection, Virtual Router Manager software may be the way to go. It is beginner friendly and easy to use. 

Create a hot spot on your Windows 7 or 8 computer using this simple application. It offers no options, but that keeps it simple. 

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AllegroSurf combines internet connection sharing with content filtering and network resource management into one package. AllegroSurf can be used on personal, school, and office networks for parental control, bandwidth control, and remote access support.