Internet Archive Movie Archive Review

Stream and download old movies for free

Internet Archive Movie Archive is a good choice for streaming and downloading free movies because there are many to choose from and you can do so from your computer or mobile device.

Keep reading for our review of the movie streaming site Internet Archive Movie Archive, where you can learn about the quality of the videos, what we think of the mobile app, and more.

Movies Aren't Organized Well

The Virginian free movie at Internet Archive
'The Virginian' Movie.

Internet Archive has several million videos, but unlike similar movie streaming sites that have a nice collection of genres to organize the films, there are dozens upon dozens of categories here, many of which repeat each other.

If you access the Browse section of the website, you'll find all the categories that movies are listed in. There are certainly recognizable genres, such as Comedy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Drama, Documentary, etc, but you can't view them all in one place, which is unfortunate.

For example, there are dozens upon dozens of "drama" categories but instead of being collected and organized into one drama section, they're spread out everywhere on the page through links like Backstage Dramas, Circus Dramas, Suspense Dramas, and Anti-war Dramas.

Most Videos Are Poor Quality

Because Internet Archive lets anyone upload videos to their website, the quality of most of the movies aren't even as good as a standard DVD.

There may be higher quality films here, but the ones we came across were nothing to be excited about.

Internet Archive's Player Options

With movies found on Internet Archive Movie Archive, you can embed them on other websites as well as share them over Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, and email. The sharing buttons are accessible just below the video.

For most movies, you can also view related films, change the playback speed, open the movie in full screen mode, turn on captions, and cast it to your TV via AirPlay or Chromecast.

Internet Archive also lets you download movies for free, which is something you won't find in most other streaming movie websites. Below most videos is a section called DOWNLOAD OPTIONS that holds the video file download link and other things like a torrent link.

Displays Zero Commercials/Advertisements

We didn't run into any in-video advertisements in the several movies we tested at Internet Archive, which is spectacular considering most other movie streaming websites (such as Crackle) show tons of ads.

However, websites that do show ads usually have better quality videos than the ones here at Internet Archive, so it almost seems acceptable for there not to be ads here.

Video Buffering Experience With Internet Archive

We had absolutely no problems with videos pausing or stopping during playback. We tested many films, fast forwarding, refreshing, and rewinding them, and none took too long to load in the browser.

If your internet connection is too slow or you're trying to watch multiple movies at once, it's possible they could pause on you while trying to buffer, but experience will definitely vary.

Free Internet Archive Mobile App for iOS

A free movie app is available for the films at Internet Archive Movie Archive, but it's not an official app released by the website.

You can find the newest and most popular movies as well as sort them by subcollection and hand picked films by Internet Archive.

While the app is functional and shows all the same videos as the desktop site, it is a bit difficult to maneuver. We also had some trouble playing a few of the movies on an iPhone while the same films played just fine through the desktop site.

We recommend Yidio, SnagFilms, and Popcornflix if you're looking for a better mobile app for streaming movies.

Internet Archive Movie Archive: Final Thoughts

I like using Internet Archive to watch free movies because there aren't a lot of advertisements, the videos load without problem, and there's a mobile app that you can use for watching movies on the go.

Of course any website or service will have its downfalls, but I think the greatest thing I really dislike about Internet Archive is that the sheer number of content on the site plus the lack of organization can make it difficult to browse for movies.