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Earning a design degree can go a long way in helping to enrich and advance your career in the graphic design industry. There are many schools around the world that offer excellent programs in the various fields of graphic design including industrial design, visual communication, automotive design, health-care design, and product design. This list of schools highlights some of the best options outside of the United States, according to Bloomberg Businessweek and

LCI Melbourne - Port Melbourne, Australia

Formerly known as the Australian Academy of Design, LCI Melbourne has a three-year undergraduate program in graphic design. The program has many options including deferring to an Associate Degree after two years, changing your major after the first semester, having a double major and choosing a minor to study. During the admissions process, students are required to have an interview and present a portfolio of their work.

Chiba University - Chiba, Japan

Chiba University's Department of Design Science, housed within the Graduate School of Engineering, offers Master Degrees in three areas of design: Product Development, Information and Communication, and Environmental Humanonmics. The Product Development design degree encompasses Product Design, Design Management, and Materials Planning. The Information and Communication track includes Communication Design, Human Informatics and Design Psychology. A course of study in Environmental Humanomics allows students to study Environmental Design, Humanomics and Design Culture.

China Central Academy of Fine Arts - Beijing, China

China Central Academy of Fine Arts' School of Design describes itself as "artistic, experimental, visionary and international teaching aiming at cultivating sensual, imaginative and decisive designers." The school has graduate courses of study in a variety of concentrations including visual communication, industrial design, digital media, graphic design, and design management.

Cranfield University - London, England

Cranfield University's Centre for Competitive Creative Design (C4D) is a joint educational design degree program between Cranfield and the University of the Arts London. C4D "aims to embed state-of-the-art design-led innovation practice, developed through research and industry collaboration, within business and education to improve commercial performance and develop future innovation leaders." The school has three Masters Degree programs of study: Design and Innovation for Sustainability, Design Strategy and Leadership and Innovation and Creativity in Industry. The Centre has associations with a number of industry businesses, including Ford, Proctor, and Gamble, Xerox, Herman-Miller, NHS and Imagination LTD, that have experts who teach there and support student projects.

Domus Academy - Milan, Italy

Domus Academy in Milan has a 12 month Master in Design that is divided into two semesters. The first semester introduces students to the design industry. In the second semester, professors present their current area of interest and students choose what topic they are most interested in. They then design their master projects based on that area of interest. The program offers a "path of research, experience, and design which combines the theoretical richness of an expert and innovative didactic with the close and concrete collaboration of prestigious firms and professionals who chose to follow their students in their education." The Master degree program focuses on three main points: "individual expressive language," "problem-solving skills" and "design direction vocation."

Florence Design Academy - Florence, Italy

The Florence Design Academy has undergraduate and graduate level programs in the fields of graphic design and industrial design. Graphic design students study traditional graphic design, graphic art, digital design, 3D graphics, 3D animations, character design and comic art. Industrial Design students study traditional and modern industrial design, graphic art, digital design, 3D graphics and 3D animation.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design - Hung Hom, Kowloon, China

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design strives to "harness the legacy and dynamism of Asian cultures in creating solutions for human needs; and to create strategic models for products, brands, and systems in local and global markets." The School of Design offers undergraduate Bachelor of Art design degrees in Advertising Design, Communication Design, Environment and Interior Design, Product Design, Art and Design in Education, Industrial and Product Design and Visual Communication. Graduate Master of Design degrees offered include Design Education, Design Practices, Design Strategies, Interactive Design and Urban Environments Design. Students attending the University are involved in design projects, interactive critiques, seminars, tutorials, lectures, workshops, independent study, an exchange program, study trips both local and overseas, individual practice and teamwork and Work-Integrated Education, which includes an internship and cooperative projects.

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology - Yuseong-gu, Daejeon

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology's Department of Industrial Design undergraduate program "focuses on fostering creative and practical problem-solving skills for design problems," and the graduate design degree program "is constructed around the academic exploration of the design discipline and its application methods." They also have a Ph.D. program that "offers in-depth research opportunities for systematically creating design knowledge." There are various research groups housed within the department including the Product and Environmental Systems Design Research Laboratory, Design Management Laboratory, Human-Centered Interaction Design Laboratory, Design Media Laboratory, ID+IM Design Laboratory, Design IS Laboratory, Creative Interaction Design Laboratory and the Color and Emotion for Design Laboratory.

Shin Chien University - Taipei, Taiwan

Shin Chien University's Department of Industrial Design offers a Master's in Industrial Design. The school is open to admitting students without a background in industrial design. Individuals from around the globe with a variety of backgrounds, including psychology, social studies, philosophy, business administration, and information science, are invited to teach at the university. In addition, elite members of the design community, as well as prominent CEOs, act as project advisors for student projects.

Umea University - Umea, Sweden

Umea University's Umea Institute of Design offers a Master's Degree in Industrial Design with three concentrations: Interaction Design, Advanced Product Design and Transportation Design. The MA in Interaction Design "offers exciting opportunities for designers to extend their existing skills into new territory where the focus is on people's needs rather than technological capability." The MA in Advanced Product Design combines "the knowledge and insight of today's hard-core product design with the possibilities that arise when applying both the physical and digital technology of tomorrow."

University of the Arts London Central Saint Martins - London, England

Central Saint Martins was formed in 1989 when the Central School of Arts and Crafts and Saint Martins School of Art merged. Central Saint Martins's School of Communication, Product, and Spatial Design offers a BA in Product Design and a BA in Graphic Design. They also offer MA graduate degrees in Industrial Design and Communication Design.


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