Integra Jumps Into the Sound Bar Market with the DLB-40.6

Integra DLB-40.6 Sound Bar System. Image provided by Integra

It definitely took a while, but it looks like Integra (the custom install division of Onkyo) has finally decided to offer a sound bar to its product line for its custom install customer base. Even those that have a custom-installed mult-channel/multi-speaker home theater setup often have the need for a secondary AV setup in another room - this is where the sound bar option can come in handy.

Audio Decoding and Processing

The DLB-40.6 is designed to complement TV viewing with enhanced sound over that of TV speakers, with features such as on-board Dolby Digital decoding and AuraSphere 3D sound processing. AuraSphere 3D is designed to widen the center sweet spot to create a more seamless blend between the left, center, and right channels and also bring sound forward towards the listener).

Aurasphere provides three equalized sound modes (Movie, Music, News).

Movie Mode is designed to deliver bass and project dialog clearly, Music Mode delivers more punchy bass without drowning out the vocals - also presents a more immersive and wider sound stage listening experience from stereo music sources. News Mode is what you use if dialog and voices are the most important thing to you - this comes in handy on soundtracks that tend where voices tend to be buried in the music or sound effects.

Connectivity Options

In terms of connectivity, the DLB-40.6 provides both digital optical/coaxial audio inputs, a 1/8-inch (3.5mm) analog stereo input, a USB input for MP3 audio file access via flash drives and other compatible devices, and Bluetooth for wireless streaming from compatible smartphones and tablets.

Speaker and Subwoofer Complement

The DLB-40.6 sound bar unit (SBD41) has six 2-3/4 inch full-range speakers, two rear ports, and two 1-3/16-inch tweeters encased in an approximately 36-inch wide cabinet that can complement TVs from 32 to 50-inches in size.

The DLB-40.6 system also comes with separate wireless downfiring ported subwoofer (SKW41) that incorporates a 6-1/2 inch driver.

The frequency response of the sound bar is 120 Hz - 20 kHz, and the frequency response of the subwoofer is 40 Hz - 200 kHz, so there is a seamless transition between the low, mid, and high frequencies. No power output ratings are stated by Integra.

More Info

The sound bar can be shelf or wall mounted and the subwoofer can be placed anywhere that is convenient without the need to connect a long cable between the two. The sound bar weighs 8.6 pounds, and the subwoofer weighs 29.8 pounds.

To achieve accurate sound balance, there are separate level controls for both the sound bar and subwoofer - and, of course, for ease of use, a remote control is provided.

Official DLB-40.6 Product Page. - Available Only Through Authorized Integra Dealers and Installers.

The DLB-40.6 is still listed on Integra's website and may be still be available thorough Integra's dealer network.

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