How to Get Instant Yahoo Mail Alerts of New Messages

Find out about new emails as soon as they arrive

When we get a new message in our Yahoo Mail account, we like to know instantly. One way is to check the website repeatedly.

Another, much more comfortable way is to have your browser do that on its own—with a little help from Yahoo Mail. You can configure some settings on the website to send a desktop alert through the browser whenever a new email message arrives in your Yahoo! Mail account. Here's how.

How to Enable Desktop Notifications in Your Browser

To get alerts from Yahoo, enable desktop notifications in your browser.

Google Chrome

Here's how to enable notifications using Google's web browser.

  1. Click the Chrome menu button.

    Yahoo Mail alerts
  2. Click Settings.

    Yahoo Mail alerts
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Advanced to show more options.

    Yahoo Mail notifications
  4. Under the Privacy and Security heading, click Site Settings.

    Yahoo Mail alerts
  5. Click Notifications.

    Yahoo Mail alerts
  6. Check that the switch next to Ask before sending is on. This setting will activate notifications and give you control over each site you visit.

    Yahoo Mail alerts
  7. To manually grant permission to a website, click Add under the Allow heading, and then type the site address.

    Check under the Block heading to make sure Yahoo isn't listed. If it is, click the three dots on the right side and click Remove.

    Yahoo Mail alerts
  8. You don't have to add sites to your Allow list manually. They'll ask for permission the first time you visit them.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox has its own procedure to turn on notifications.

  1. Click the menu in the upper-right corner of the window, and then click Preferences.

    Yahoo Mail alerts
  2. Under the Privacy & Security menu, click Settings next to Notifications.

    Yahoo Mail alerts
  3. If Yahoo Mail appears on this screen, make sure the permission is set to Allow.

    Yahoo Mail alerts
  4. If Yahoo Mail does not have Allow next to it, click the pull-down menu and click that option.


If you use Apple's web browser, here's how to turn on notifications.

  1. Select Safari > Preferences from the menu in Safari.

    Yahoo Mail alerts
  2. Go to the Notifications tab.

    Yahoo Mail alerts
  3. Make sure Allow websites to ask for permission to send push notifications is checked.

    Yahoo Mail alerts
  4. If Yahoo Mail appears in the window above, make sure it's set to Allow.

How to Get Instant Yahoo Mail Alerts of New Messages in Your Browser

With your browser configured, here's how to have it show an alert as soon as new mail appears in your Yahoo Mail inbox:

  1. Open Yahoo Mail in a web browser.

  2. Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner.

    Yahoo email alert
  3. Click More Settings.

    Yahoo mail alerts
  4. Click Notifications.

    Yahoo mail alerts
  5. Click the switch to turn it to on/blue.

    Yahoo mail alerts
  6. You may receive a request to OK notifications from this website. If you do, click Allow.

  7. Close and re-open Yahoo Mail in your browser.​ Keep it open to let it send you notifications.

How to Get Instant Yahoo Mail Alerts of New Messages via IMAP

To get near-instant notifications of new messages that arrive in your Yahoo Mail account, you can also:

  1. Set up the Yahoo Mail account in an email program or mail checker using IMAP (with IMAP IDLE enabled).
  2. Make sure the email program is running and set to display alerts for new messages.
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