How to Set Up a Silicondust HDHomeRun Prime Cablecard Tuner

Here's how you can watch live TV on up to six different devices.

HDHomeRun Prime allows you to record or play back live TV on up to six different devices in your home without need for a set top box. Here we walk through the steps for installing a SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime.

Silicondust Hdhomerun Prime Cablecard Tuner

How to Set Up HDHomeRun Prime

First you will need to contact your cable provider to obtain a CableCard, which is used to watch and record multiple channels at the same time. It is best to activate this card before you begin the setup process.

If you have a Switched Digital Video (SDV) cable system, you will likely need a tuning adaptor for the HDHomeRun to work. Follow these instructions to set up the tuning adaptor with HDHomeRun.

  1. Connect a coaxial cable between the HDHomeRun and a wall plate with a coaxial outlet.

    This will likely require a coaxial splitter, which will allow you to connect both the HDHomeRun and your cable modem to the same coaxial wall outlet.

  2. Connect the supplied network cable between the HDHomeRun and your wireless internet router.

  3. Insert the M-Card obtained from your cable provider into the HDHomeRun. If you have a Switched Digital Video (SDV) system with a tuning adaptor, connect the tuning adaptor to the HDHomeRun USB port and cable line.

  4. Connect the power adaptor between the HDHomeRun and a standard wall outlet.

  5. Install the HDHomeRun software on your computer. Follow the software setup wizard and be sure to check the box asking if you'd like to detect and configure HDHomeRun Devices.

    Visit the SiliconDust website to download the most up-to-date software. This will ensure that you have the latest fixes and updates.

    Each discovered device or "tuner" has a number and source type. Leave it set to CableCARD.

  6. Perform a channel scan. The setup wizard will offer to do this automatically. While you can select which tuners you'd like to scan for, you only need to perform this function once.

  7. Select Finish or complete the setup process for all of your tuners.

    If this is the first time configuring your tuner, you will need to access the tuner website via your network settings and call your cable provider for CableCARD pairing.

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