How to Install a Widget on Samsung Phones

Add widgets to your Samsung device's home screen

What to Know

  • Add a calendar widget: Touch and hold on the home screen, tap Widgets > Calendar, and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • In the Calendar screen, you can customize where your widget is, how it looks, and what it does.

When it comes to customizing your device's display, Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets give you plenty of options for installing widgets. For example, you can add a countdown calendar to your home screen that reminds you when an important date is approaching. You can also add widgets to non-Samsung Android Phones.

How to Add Widgets on a Samsung Phone or Tablet

Widgets allow you to personalize what displays on your screen so that you're only getting the information you need at a glance. Many specific widgets, like 1Weather or Calendar, are available in the Play Store as standalone apps. Some are available in different sizes, letting you decide how much of the screen you want them to fill.

To add a calendar widget that counts down to an important event:

  1. Touch and hold on the home screen, then tap Widgets at the bottom of the screen. 

  2. Select Calendar

  3. Touch and hold Countdown.

    Touch and hold on the home screen, then select Widgets > Calendar > Countdown.
  4. Drag-and-drop the widget where you want it to appear on your screen.

  5. Select the event in your calendar that you want to count down to.

  6. Choose the Background color and Background transparency, then select the left arrow (<) next to Widget settings in the top-left corner.

    You can rearrange widgets by touching and dragging them around the screen. To remove widgets, touch and hold the widget you want to delete, then choose remove.

    Drag-and-drop the widget on your home screen, select and event, then adjust the widget settings.
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