Install and Use Skype for PSP

PSP with case and headphones at Tokyo Game Show 2005

Junko Kimura/Getty Images

With Skype for PSP, you can make calls to any other user of Skype — be they on a PSP, a PC, or a Mac — as well as to a landline phone or cell phone.

To use Skype for PSP, you need:

  • a PSP-2000, PSP-3000, or PSP-N1000 (PSPgo)
  • a Wi-Fi internet connection
  • a Memory Stick Pro DUO with at least 1MB of free memory 
  • A PSP Headset (model PSP-270) and a PSP Headphone with Remote Control (model PSP-S140)


  • a PSP USB Microphone (PSP-240).*

How to Use Skype on the PSP

Follow these easy steps to access Skype on your PSP:

  1. Make sure your PSP's Wi-Fi switch is set to the ON position.
  2. Remove the PSP Headphone plug from the headphone jack of the PSP Remote Control cable.
  3. Plug your PSP Headset into the headphone jack of the Remote Control cable.
  4. Plug the Remote Control cable into the Video-Out port on the bottom-left of your PSP.
  5. Update the PSP firmware to version 3.90 or later. To do this, enter the Home Menu and navigate left to Settings. From there, scroll up to System Update and press X.
  6. After installing the system update and returning to the Home Menu, scroll right to Network. From here, scroll down to the Skype icon. Press X to begin using Skype. 
  7. You have now "Skyped your PSP" and can start calling your friends and family!

*With the PSPGo (PSP-N1000), it is possible to use a Bluetooth wireless headset.