How to Replace the SIM & Memory Card in a Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge

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Good news, Samsung loyalists! After the not-so-popular decision to remove expandable memory cards from the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung decided to bring back the feature beginning with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones.

So where is that memory card? Given the water-resistant capabilities of the S7 and S7 Edge, the memory card, as well as the SIM card slot, requires a nice seal to prevent any unwanted damage.

Fortunately, getting to both is quite easy. In fact, they’re located in the same spot: the top edge of both phones, which is marked by a thin rectangular slot with a tiny pinhole. For folks who need more guidance, we've put together a walkthrough with images to guide you through the whole process.

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Using the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Ejection Pin

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge key

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If you bought your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge brand new, you will find a small metal key tucked into a piece of cardstock included in the box. That little ejection pin is the key to your S7 Edge kingdom, at least as it relates to getting access to the SIM and memory card tray.

For folks who don’t have a key or perhaps lost it, no worries. All you need is a small metal paper clip, which you can unwind and MacGyver into an impromptu key.

Before going any further, check to make sure that your smartphone is powered down, just to be on the safe side. Once you have your key mechanism ready, line up its tip with that small circle I mentioned earlier.

If you’re still confused which of the two tiny circles to insert the key into, just look for the telltale rectangular impression for the tray. That’s the tiny circular hole you’ll want to press into.

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Opening the SIM/Memory Card Tray

Opening Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge tray

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Once you’ve confidently located the tiny circular slot, insert your key then press against the opening. You will feel a small click or pop and the tray will slightly pop out. So far, so good. Just gently pull it out lest you send any SIM or memory card in there flying away like an out-of-control Iron Man.

For devices that do not have a SIM or memory card installed yet, you’ll notice two rectangular openings. The larger one is for the memory card, which is the first slot you see as you’re pulling out the tray. The smaller inner recess is for the SIM card.  

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Placing SIM/MicroSD on the Tray

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge card tray

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To insert a memory card, just match the shape of the recessed area with your microSD card. The naming and branding on the memory card should be facing up.

You get the same deal with the SIM card as well. Just match the shape with the indentation once again. Basically, the gold part of the SIM card should be facing down.

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Replacing the Tray

Inserting back Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge tray

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Once you’ve placed the memory card, SIM card or both on the tray, gently insert the tray back into the phone and carefully push it back into the tray slot. You want to do this carefully because it’s a bit finicky and it’s easy to for your SIM or memory card to fall out from quick, jerky movements.

Push it all the way in until you have a secure seal again and voila, you are now good to go.

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Opening the SIM/Memory Card Tray [Samsung Galaxy S7]

Samsung Galaxy S7 SIM, MicroSD tray

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For those of you who own the regular Samsung Galaxy S7, the procedure is basically the same.

First, use the ejection pin or a small unwound paperclip to press into the release hole for the SIM and memory card tray.

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Placing SIM/MicroSD & Replacing the Tray [Samsung Galaxy S7]

Re-inserting Samsung Galaxy S7 tray

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The tray should pop out after using the requisite amount of force. Pull the tray out, gently if it has a SIM card in there until it’s free. Align your SIM or memory card into the tray then slowly place the tray back into the slot opening. Press it in until you’ve got a good seal again.

Just like that, you’re back in business.