How to Install the Ring Doorbell and Ring Doorbell 2

Set up your video doorbell for optimal alert accuracy

What to Know

  • Basics: Create Ring doorbell account > Connect doorbell to Ring app > Install doorbell(s) in desired location(s).
  • Create account: Open Ring app > input name/country/email/home address > confirm.
  • Connect: Select Set Up a Device > Doorbells > scan QR code > confirm > press + release orange button on Ring.

This article explains how to install a Ring and Ring 2 doorbell.

Pressing the Doorbell
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Ring Doorbell Installation

There are several steps when installing the Ring Doorbell. You have to:

  • Create a Ring doorbell account
  • Connect doorbell to Ring app
  • Install doorbell(s) in desired location

Create Your Ring or Ring 2 Account

To get started on your Ring doorbell setup, just download the app on the App Store or on Google Play (the app is the same for both the Ring and Ring 2 doorbells). Once the app is installed and open, you will be prompted to create an account.

  1. Input your first and last name.

  2. Select the country where you live from the list.

  3. Enter your email address.

  4. Verify your email address by clicking on the emailed link and return to the app.

  5. Enter your home address in the app.

  6. Confirm your address.

Connect Doorbell to Ring App

After you've create a Ring doorbell account, you must first connect the doorbell to the Ring app, then you can physically install the doorbell in the chosen location. Before you begin this process make sure your Ring/Ring 2 doorbell is fully charged with the provided USB cable.

Before you start pairing the unit to the app, you'll need to fully charge the doorbell. This can take several hours, so make sure to do this before starting these steps.

  1. In the Ring app, tap Set Up a Device, then select the Doorbells button.

  2. Allow Ring to access your phone’s camera and scan the QR code that came with your Ring doorbell.

  3. Confirm your address and location to begin the installation.

  4. Choose a name for your doorbell like Back Door, Front Door, Office, or Custom.

    Set Up a Device, Doorbells, names for Ring Doorbell
  5. Next, on the Ring doorbell device press and release the orange button on the back left of the device. The doorbell light will start spinning.

    Orange button on the back of Ring doorbell
  6. Connect to the Ring app to the doorbell Wi-Fi network by following the prompts.

  7. Connect your doorbell to your home or business Wi-Fi. The internal software will update automatically. Wait until the doorbell stops flashing.

  8. Go through the video tutorial or instruction manual to install the doorbell.

    The Ring doorbell comes with all the tools and hardware you'll need, so the installation should be pretty easy. Your Ring doorbell setup kit includes the following: your Ring doorbell, a mounting bracket, several wood screws and screw anchors, a masonry drill bit, a USB cord for charging, and a miniature level. There are also detailed instructions, including QR codes for downloading the app and linking your device, as well as URLs and instructional videos for additional help.

  9. Attach the miniature level to bracket and install the bracket in your desired location with the screws provided.

    Leveling the Bracket
  10. If installing on masonry, use the included drill bit to drill holes for screw anchors. If attaching to wood, simply screw it into place.

  11. Place Ring doorbell into the bracket and slide it into place.

  12. Tighten security screws using the screwdriver provided.

    Tighten Security Screws
  13. Start the internet connectivity test and confirm connection. If all goes well, your setup is complete.

Ring Doorbell Motion Sensor Setup

Once you've completed the physical installation, you then need to set up and optimize the sensors to ensure your Ring doorbell catches the right motion at the right time. If the sensors are not adjusted properly, the doorbell could be triggered by something as simple as a car passing by.

  1. Start by selecting the Motion Wizard.


  2. Answer questions about the location and placement of your Ring Doorbell.

    Optimize motion settings, yes, no options in Ring Motion Wizard
  3. Finally, choose your preferred motion sensitivity.

    • The Frequent setting notifies you about every motion detected with the shortest battery life.
    • The Standard setting notifies you about some motions with average battery life.
    • The Light setting notifies you about the fewest motions with the most extended battery life.

Share and Receive More Accurate Ring 2 Alerts for Your Neighborhood

In addition to keeping your front door safe and protecting your packages from theft and damage, Ring also allows you to be notified of any criminal activity in your area. From the Ring doorbell app, you can flag any suspicious persons or vehicles that are seen on your camera to be shared with your neighborhood. This means that anyone with a Ring or Ring 2 can capture information about porch pirates and other crimes and criminals and help create greater security for their whole area.

A recent feature is the Neighbors by Ring app, which allows Ring owners to receive information on crimes from their local police department and share information with other people in the neighborhood. You can even see a bird’s-eye view of your area, along with a radius of any reported crime and get notifications in real-time.

The app has also been very helpful in the event of natural disasters, helping lost pets get home safely and giving law enforcement a valuable tool to fight crime. Ring has also partnered with local police departments in more than 400 areas across the United States, giving them access to Ring footage to help identify criminals or determine patterns of suspicious behavior.

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