How to Install Outdoor Stereo Speakers in Your Garden

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Select a Place for Stereo Speakers in The Garden

A home garden with some wooden chairs
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Find a suitable location for stereo speakers where you spend time in the garden, such as near a bench or the pool, maybe beneath a tree. Select a location where the speakers will be shielded from sprinklers or direct moisture and place the speakers. Rock speakers can be placed on the ground, but box speakers should be mounted above ground, on a pole or wall.

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Find a Route for the Speaker Wires and Measure the Distance

The shortest distance from the house to the speakers is best, depending on obstacles and structures in the path, such as planters, walkways, etc. If there are no obstacles, dig a 4”-6” trench in the soil or sod from your house to the speaker and lay the wire in the trench. Always use Direct Burial Wire when installing speaker wires underground. If there are obstacles in the way, such as a concrete walkway, follow the next step.

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If Necessary, Make a Hole Under Concrete Using Water Pressure

The easiest way to make a hole under concrete, such as a walkway is to hook a garden hose to the end of a 4’-6’ piece of pipe and use the water pressure to drill a hole. A sweeper nozzle on the end of the pipe to focus the spray also helps. The idea is to have the water pressure rinse away enough soil to push the pipe through. Depending on your soil, a combination of water pressure and brute force will bore a hole under a sidewalk or other concrete structure.

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Run Speaker Wire Through the Pipe

When you’re finished drilling the hole, leave the pipe in place and thread the wire through. If you’re drilling through a span longer than 10’ explore other options, such as a concrete cutting service.

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Run Direct Burial Speaker Wire to the Speaker

Always use Direct Burial Wire underground, which is treated for exposure to soil and the elements. Run the wire to the speaker location and leave about six inches of extra wire at the end.

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Connect Speaker Wire to Receiver and Speakers and Test the System

Strip the speaker wires of about 1/2" of insulation and connect the wires to the speakers and the receiver and turn on the system at low volume. If the system works correctly, replace the soil in the trench. If not, double-check connections and try the system again.