How to Install Google Earth for Ubuntu

Use this virtual globe app to browse the world from your desktop


Adastra / Getty Images

You can install Google Earth for Ubuntu by first downloading the program from Google's website. The setup is straightforward and easy for anyone to complete.

Another way to use this program in Ubuntu is through the online version of Google Earth. It runs as a web application exclusively for the Chrome browser, so it doesn't require any installation.

Download the Google Earth Setup File

The best way to download Google Earth is directly from Google's website:

  1. Google Earth download page
  2. Uncheck the box next to send usage info to Google, if you choose.

  3. Choose the 64bit .deb package for your Ubuntu installation.

  4. Press Accept & Download.

  5. Choose Save File, and press Ok.

    Save Google Earth package Ubuntu
  6. If asked, pick a folder as the location for your setup file.

Install Google Earth in Ubuntu

The steps to install Google Earth are very straightforward:

  1. Double-click the download file to launch the graphical software installer.

  2. Press Install in Ubuntu Software.

    Ubuntu Software install Google Earth
  3. If asked for your password, enter it, and press Authenticate.

  4. Wait for the progress bar to fill up, and the page will switch to reflect that the package is successfully installed.

    Google Earth installed on Ubuntu

Google Earth can be opened from your list of applications or by searching for it.

Launch Google Earth on Ubuntu