Where to Get Icons for Vehicles on Your Garmin

Download and install free vehicle icons from the Garmin Garage

If you use a Garmin in-car GPS, there are much more interesting vehicle icons available than the default ones that appear in the menu. You can customize your Garmin GPS device with a custom vehicle icon from the Garmin Garage. This is where Garmin posts files that users can use to upgrade the vehicle icon that their device is using. These are freely available and can be downloaded without a user account.

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How to Download and Install Garmin Vehicle Icons

Every vehicle from the Garmin Garage is an ​SRT file that's stored in a ZIP archive. Below are instructions on where to go to download these files, how to open them, and how to put the SRT file on the Garmin to change the vehicle icon.

Use the Garmin Communicator Plugin

This add-on is for your web browser so you can easily transfer the vehicle icon directly to your Garmin without having to download and extract the files manually.

  1. Install the Garmin Communicator Plugin.

  2. Visit Garmin Garage to see which vehicles are available.

  3. Select Install Vehicle to transfer the icon to your device.

Copy the SRT File to the Device

This method is a bit more complicated but does not require a browser plug-in.

  1. Connect your Garmin device to your computer.

  2. Find the vehicle icon you want from Garmin Garage.

  3. Download the ZIP file to your computer.

  4. Extract the SRT file out of the ZIP file.

  5. Copy the SRT file to the /Garmin/Vehicle/ folder of the Garmin device.

How to Change the Vehicle Icon From Your Garmin

Now that you have the custom icon on your device, it's time to change the ride:

  1. From the device, select Tools > Settings > Map.

  2. Tap Automobile.

  3. Choose Vehicle to select your custom icon.

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