How to Install Fonts in Windows 10

How to remove fonts, as well

Windows 10 comes with an assortment of fonts installed with the operating system. But if you can't find a built-in font that suits a particular project, you can download a font from the web or the Microsoft Store and install the new font in Windows 10. Here's how to install fonts in Windows 10 and delete fonts you no longer need.

How to Install a New Font to Windows 10 From the Microsoft Store

When you can't find the perfect font for your documents, search the Microsoft Store. The Microsoft Store offers several free fonts along with others that cost a nominal price.

Here's how to search the Microsoft Store and add a font to Windows 10:

  1. Go to the Start menu and select Settings.

    Your computer must be connected to the internet before you begin.

    The Settings menu item highlighted in the Windows 10 Start menu.
  2. In the Settings window, select Personalization.

    The Personalization setting highlighted in the Windows 10 Windows Settings window.
  3. Go to Fonts.

  4. Select Get more fonts in Microsoft Store.

    The Windows 10 Fonts preference pane with Get more fonts item highlighted.
  5. Select a font.

    The Microsoft Store contains several free fonts and other fonts for a fee.

    The Convection font highlighted in the Microsoft Store.
  6. Select Get.

    The Get button highlighted in order to download in the Microsoft Store.
  7. In the Use across your devices window, select either No thanks or Sign in to choose whether to use this font on all your devices.

    Choose whether to use a font on all your devices
  8. Wait while the font downloads and installs on your computer.

  9. When the download and installation are complete, a notification appears in the Windows Store.

    The indication that a product is installed highlighted in the Microsoft Store.
  10. Close Windows Store.

  11. The new font appears at the top of the Available fonts list.

    A font is highlighted in the Fonts preference pane in Windows 10.

How to Install a New Font from the Web

If you can't find a font you like in the Microsoft Store, download fonts from the web and install those font files in Windows 10. Windows can use several types of font files, including the TrueType Font (TTF) and OpenType Font (OTF) file formats. 

Before downloading a free font file, check for any use restrictions. Some free fonts are only for personal use.

  1. Find the font file you want to use.

  2. Download the font file to the Windows desktop.

    If the font file is contained in a ZIP file, you must extract the files before installing the font in Windows.

    A font file on the desktop of a Windows 10 machine.
  3. Select Start > Settings > Personalization > Fonts.

  4. Resize the Settings window to show the Settings window and the downloaded font file on the desktop.

    Drag the font file to the Fonts Settings window
  5. Drag the font file from the desktop to the Drag and drop to install section of the Fonts Settings screen.

    A highlighted area in the Fonts preference pane of where to drag and drop a fonts file in Windows 10.
  6. The new font appears in the Available fonts list.

    An available font is highlighted in the Fonts preference pane in Windows 10.

If the font doesn't work as expected or an app doesn't recognize the font, there are several things you can do to troubleshoot font installations.

How to Uninstall Fonts in Windows 10

When your computer has too many windows fonts, you may need to delete fonts to free up space on the hard drive. Here's how to delete fonts you no longer need.

  1. Go to Start > Settings > Personalization > Fonts.

  2. Select the font you want to remove.

    If you know the name of the font and don't want to scroll through the Available fonts list, enter the font name in the search box.

    An available font is highlighted in the Fonts preference pane in Windows 10.
  3. Select Uninstall.

    The Uninstall button highlighted when uninstalling a font on Windows 10.
  4. In the Uninstall this font family permanently dialog box, select Uninstall.

    The Uninstall dialog box when uninstalling a font in Windows 10.
  5. Select the back arrow to return to the Fonts Settings window.

  6. The uninstalled font no longer appears in the Available fonts list.

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