Install Flash, Steam and MP3 Codecs in Fedora Linux

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 Fedora Linux provides most of the things you will need to get going but as there are no proprietary drivers or software products installed there are some things that just don't work.

In this guide we are going to show how to install Adobe Flash, multimedia codecs to enable you to play MP3 audio and the ​Steam client for playing games.

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How to Install Flash Using Fedora Linux

Install Flash In Fedora Linux

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Installing Flash is a 2 step process. The first thing you need to do is visit the Adobe website to download the YUM package for Flash.

Click on the drop-down and choose YUM Package.

Now click on the Download button in the bottom right corner.

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Install the Flash Package Within Fedora Using GNOME Packager

Install Flash RPM

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Enter your password so that the GNOME packager application loads.

Click Install to install the Flash package.

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Attach the Flash Add-On to FireFox

Attach Flash Add-On To FireFox

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To be able to use Flash within Firefox you need to attach it as an add-on.

If it isn't still open from the previous step open the GNOME packager. To do this press the super key and A at the same time and then click the software icon.

Search for "FireFox" and click on the FireFox link when it appears.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and check the box for Adobe Flash in the Add-ons section.

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Add the RPMFusion Repository To Fedora Linux

Add RPMFusion To Fedora Linux

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To be able to play MP3 audio files in Fedora Linux you need to install the GStreamer Non-Free Codecs.

The GStreamer Non-Free Codecs do not exist in the Fedora repositories because Fedora only ships with free software.

The RPMFusion repositories, however, do include the necessary packages.

To add the RPMFusion repositories to your system visit

There are two repositories that you can add for your version of Fedora:

  • Free repository
  • Non-Free repository

To be able to install the GStreamer Non-Free package you have to click the RPM Fusion Non-Free for Fedora (for the version of Fedora you are using).

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Install the RPMFusion Repository

Install RPMFusion

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When you click the RPMFusion Non-Free link you will be asked whether you want to save the file or open the file with GNOME Packager.

Open the file with GNOME Packager and click Install.

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Install the GStreamer Non-Free Package

Install GStreamer Non-Free

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After you have finished adding the RPMFusion Repository you will be able to install the GStreamer Non-Free package.

Open up the GNOME packager by pressing the super key and A on the keyboard and clicking the Software icon.

Search for GStreamer and click the link for GStreamer Multimedia Codecs - Non-Free.

Click the Install button

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Install STEAM using YUM

Install STEAM Using Fedora Linux

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If we are using a version of Linux with a graphical front end we always expect to be able to install software using the graphical package manager.

For some reason despite having the necessary repositories installed, STEAM doesn't appear within the GNOME packager.

To install STEAM make sure you have added the RPMFusion repository and open a terminal window. You can do this by pressing ALT+F1 and typing "term" into the "Search" box.

In the terminal window type the following:

sudo yum install steam

Enter your password when it is requested and there will be some repository updates before you are given the option whether to install the STEAM package or not.

Press Y to install the STEAM package.

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Install STEAM Using the STEAM Installer

STEAM Install Agreement

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Now that the STEAM package is installed you can run it by pressing the super key and typing "STEAM" in the search box.

Click on the STEAM icon and accept the license agreement.

STEAM will start updating. When this process is complete you are able to log in and buy new games or download existing games.