How to Add Chrome Extensions

Install CRX files in Google Chrome to add new features to the browser

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A browser extension is a type of software that is added to a browser to extend its capabilities. Sticky Notes, for example, is a Google Chrome browser extension that makes it easy to take notes inside Chrome as you read articles or watch videos. There are also extensions that capture and edit screenshots in your browser, check your spelling, display the lyrics for YouTube music videos, and much more.

Browser extensions are only available for desktop versions of Chrome. Extensions do not work with the Chrome mobile apps.

How to Download Extensions in the Chrome Web Store

Google Chrome extensions can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store and from unofficial sites that offer CRX files. Google Chrome also uses web apps, but these apps are not the same as extensions.

How to Install Official Chrome Extensions

To download Google Chrome extensions from the official location of approved extensions:

  1. Visit the Chrome Web Store and search for the extension you want to install.

    Visit the Chrome Web Store to find the extension you want to install.
  2. Select the extension to open its Details page for more information.

    Select Add to Chrome or select the extension to open its Details page for more information.
  3. Select Add to Chrome.

    Select the Add to Chrome button.

    You may be prompted to sign in to your Google account if you're not logged in.

  4. In the confirmation box, select Add extension.

    Select Add extension in the confirmation box.
  5. The button changes to Checking and then Added to Chrome when the installation is complete.

How to Download Chrome Extensions Without Installing Them

If you want to download a CRX file from the Chrome Web Store without installing it to Chrome automatically, do the following:

  1. In the Chrome Web Store, go to the page for the extension you want.

  2. In the address bar, copy the extension's URL.

    Copy the extension's URL from the Chrome Web Store.
  3. Open the Chrome Extension Downloader in your browser by visiting

  4. Paste the URL into the text box and select Download extension.

    Paste the URL into the text field on Chrome Extension Downloader and select Download extension.
  5. If prompted, select Keep when Chrome attempts to download the CRX file.

    If prompted, select Keep when Chrome tries to download the CRX file.
  6. You'll find the CRX file in your Downloads folder. Open it when you want to begin installation process.