How to Install Android Studio for Linux

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Android Studio is the premier tool produced by Google for creating Android apps.

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Download and Install Android Studio

Screenshot of Download Android Studio for Linux

Download Android Studio from the following website:

Install the file according to the standards of your Linux distribution.

This file is the installer only; the full Android Studio suite will download after you run the installer and select your preferred installation options later in the process.

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Download the Oracle JDK

Screenshot of Oracle JDK

The Oracle Java Development Kit (JDK) may be available in your Linux distribution's package manager.

If it is, install the JDK required by the Android Studio environment using the package manager (i.e. Software Centre, Synaptic, etc). If the JDK isn't available in the package manager to go to the following website:

Install the JDK as appropriate, and ensure that it's the default by running the following command:

$sudo update-alternatives --config java

A list of Java versions will appear; enter the number for the option that has the words jdk in it. For example:

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Run Android Studio

Screenshot of running Android Studio in Linux

Run the following command to launch Android Studio:

$sh /opt/android-studio/bin/

Change the location if you didn't install Android Studio to /opt.

On your first run, you'll be asked whether you want to import settings and you may be presented with a welcome screen.

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Choose an Installation Type

Screenshot of Android Studio for Linux setup wizard

The installer will present you with options for downloading and running the Android Studio. Make your selections then click Next.

The next screen shows the list of components that will be downloaded. The download size will likely exceed 600 MB in size.