Instagram's New Platform Helps Accounts That Have Been Hacked

It’s part of a larger security-focused update

Instagram has just launched a new "comprehensive destination" for users who have had their accounts stolen or hacked. 

This feature is part of a larger security-focused system update and allows users to quickly report hacks or any suspicious account access issues. The cool thing here is that you don't actually need to be signed in to access the feature, which is often impossible in the case of a hack. Instead, you go to a dedicated URL and follow the prompts to begin the investigative and restoration process. 

Instagram Hackers

Meta / Instagram

Part of the investigative process involves confirming your identity with Instagram friends, which the system does automatically. This URL also helps users with forgotten passwords, two-factor authentication problems, and related account access issues. 

This update even fights hackers by removing accounts thought to be malicious, including accounts that impersonate celebrities and garden variety Instagram users. In addition, the system will begin sending out warnings to users if they are contacted by one of these malicious accounts via DM. 

Instagram Malicious Accounts

Meta / Instagram

Verified accounts also get a boost here for security’s sake. The blue badge that indicates a verified, and thereby trustworthy, account will now be seen in more places across the app so users can quickly determine whether to engage or not. In addition to profiles, the badge will now appear in Instagram Stories and DMs, too, with the standard feed on the way. 

Besides these new features, Instagram urges users to swap to stronger passwords and enable two-factor authentication. 

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