Instagram’s Adding Auto-generated Captions to Videos

Available in 17 languages, with more planned

It looks like automatically-generated captions for videos are Instagram's latest feature addition, and it includes support for 17 different languages (with more planned for later).

An announcement from both Instagram head Adam Mosseri and Instagram itself on Twitter have revealed the latest accessibility option, though details are still sparse. According to both tweets, the new feature is intended to help people who are deaf or hard of hearing. You'll also be able to turn Instagram auto-captions on or off, depending on your preference,

Auto-captions on Instagram videos


Other details about auto-captions have yet to be clarified, however. No official statement has been made yet regarding when the feature will be rolling out or if it's started rolling out already. Thus far, it doesn't seem like it's been enabled yet, but if it is in the process of a rollout, it could take a bit longer before we start to see the option for ourselves.

Instagram also says that auto-captions are available in 17 languages, with more coming, but doesn't clarify which 17 languages or state what future languages may be included.

Neither Instagram nor Mosseri have explained where users will be able to enable or disable the option, either. It might be a toggle in the Settings menu, it could be something you can change for individual video options, or it could be a new icon that appears when watching future videos. Or something else entirely.

Since details are still fairly limited, for now, we'll just have to wait and see if Instagram makes an official announcement or if captions begin appearing on videos soon.

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