Instagram Tests Desktop Posting Abilities

No more mobile only

You may soon be able to post an Instagram photo through your desktop. 

Social media consultant Matt Navarra initially spotted the potential feature on Thursday. His screenshots posted to Twitter shows how you would upload a photo and apply filters or edits through Instagram’s desktop website. 

Photos on a computer

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Facebook spokesperson Christine Pai confirmed to Bloomberg that the feature is being tested.

"We know that many people access Instagram from their computer. To improve that experience, we’re now testing the ability to create a Feed post on Instagram with their desktop browser," she said. 

Currently, Instagram is mainly a mobile-only platform, and while you can view your feed or Stories on a desktop browser, you can only post a photo through the app.

If you want to post a photo to Instagram via a desktop browser, there are still ways to do it now, but you’d have to use third-party Instagram-posting tools like Later, Iconosqaure, or Sked Social. While these tools let you post on the web, many of them don’t let you add edits or filters to your photos. 

Posting from the desktop is just one of many features Instagram recently has announced it's testing. The social network said earlier this week it would begin a test that prioritizes Suggested Posts to a small number of users. 

Another test the social network is working in is removing the ability to share feed posts in your stories, but most people are hoping that won’t end up as permanent feature on the platform. Experts say disabling the feature would be a bad idea, especially for small businesses that cannot afford other forms of advertising or sharing important information about certain topics.

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