How to Add an Instagram Tab to Your Facebook Page

Keep your fans up to date with your latest Instagram posts

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If you manage a personal or professional brand on Facebook and Instagram, it can be helpful to add an Instagram tab to your Facebook Page to help let Facebook fans and followers that you're on Instagram too.

Why Add An Instagram Tab to Your Facebook Page?

Adding an Instagram tab to your Facebook Page is a great way to encourage both new and existing fans/followers to connect with you on another social platform where you actively promote your content.

If fans/followers miss an update from you on Facebook, they might still see a related update that you post on Instagram. Likewise, Instagram is most used on mobile devices and very visually appealing, which is great news if you're trying to capture and maintain the attention of your followers.

How to Add An Instagram Tab to Your Facebook Page With WooBox

The easiest and most popular way to add an Instagram tab to your facebook Page is through a third-party social media marketing platform called WooBox.

You'll need to do this from a web browser — not the Facebook or Instagram mobile apps.

  1. Head to in a web browser and select the Sign Up button in the top right to sign up through your existing Facebook account or by email.

    If you decide to sign up via email, WooBox will automatically ask you to connect your Facebook afterward.

  2. Once you've finished setting up your account and connected your Facebook account, select the Facebook Page that you want to add an Instagram tab to and then select Next.

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  3. On the following pop-up box that asks you what WooBox is allowed to do, make sure all buttons are turned on and then select Done.

  4. Select Static Tabs at the top of your WooBox account.

  5. Select the green + Create a New Tab button followed by Instagram Tab from the dropdown list.

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    You can only create up to two static tabs with a free WooBox account.

  6. Select the green Connect to Instagram button.

    As of November 2018, your Facebook Page can only be connected to a Business Instagram Page. You can switch from a personal Instagram profile to a Business Page by accessing your Settings through the app, selecting Account and then selecting Switch to Business Account.

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    You can optionally switch Mobile Access on so that users who view your Instagram tab via Facebook on mobile can still see it. You can also select whether you want to display your most recent posts (My Photos) or posts with a specific hashtag (Photos With Tag).

  7. On the following page, select the green Grant Instagram Permissions button.

  8. Once Instagram is successfully connected, your Instagram username should appear in the Instagram Username field. Select the green Save button to finish.

  9. Navigate to your Facebook Page and select the Instagram tab from the left vertical menu. You should see a summary of your profile details at the top followed by a grid of your Instagram posts.

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If you ever decide that you want to delete your Instagram tab from your Facebook Page, you can do it from your WooBox account. Under Static Tabs, select Edit Tab beside your Instagram tab and then select Remove App followed by Delete to confirm its removal.