Instagram Plans to Let You Share and Collaborate With Friends, Eventually

But there is one new feature available today

Instagram is working on more options for sharing among friends and groups, with a new feature hitting the platform today.

Several new sharing features are bound for Instagram, and you should be able to start using one of them very soon. Notes act as brief (60 characters or less) temporary messages you can share with friends and follow-backs that will hang around their inbox for 24 hours. Instagram says, "Notes give people a casual and spontaneous way to express themselves and connect with each other."

Instagram Notes, Add Yours nominations, and Collaborative Collections


A couple of other new features are also in the works for Instagram Stories. Candid will act as a sort of collaborative chain of updates, where the only way to view someone else's Candid is to post your own. Once you share, you'll get a daily reminder to keep the ball rolling, but it's something Instagram says you can turn off if you'd rather not post every day.

Nominations are also being considered for Add Yours, which would allow you to prompt a friend to join in and "pass it on."

Groups also has a couple of updates in the works, like Group Profiles that allow you and your friends to co-use a single, group profile. So you can all share posts and stories to the group profile, which will only be viewable by the members of that group.

Instagram Candid Stories


Collaborative Collections, on the other hand, work as a sort of catalog of posts you and your friends want to remember and share, with anyone in the group able to add or remove posts.

The rollout for Notes begins today, while Group Profiles is expected to be available soon, though no timeline has been defined. Candid Stories, nominations for Add Yours, and Collaborative Collections are still in the testing phase, with no estimated release date for those features, either.

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