Instagram Might Allow Anyone to Add Links to Stories

A highly requested feature

Instagram's newest test is letting anyone add links to their stories—not just people with a lot of followers. 

According to The Verge, Instagram is allowing a small number of people to add links to their story by adding a sticker, which would work the same way the swipe-up link does. The social platform wants to learn about how people use the links—and if misinformation and spam become an issue—before rolling it out to everyone. 

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Instagram told The Verge that link stickers eventually would phase out the swipe-up link method that currently allows links in stories. 

Right now, you can only add swipe-up links to your story if you are verified or have at least 10,000 followers. The feature is great for influencers who might want to share tips or a product with their followers, but people with fewer followers have things to share too. 

There is even a petition to let every Instagram user share links on their story. Organizers say opening up the feature will allow more people to share petitions, donation links, and educational resources, as well as allow everyone the "opportunity to amplify voices of the silenced."

... people with fewer followers have things to share too.

Stories is one of Instagram's most popular features, and people increasingly turn to sharing feed posts to their Stories to work around Instagram's complicated algorithm. While the ability to add links in Stories for every user has been something people have wanted for some time, Instagram also is testing removing the ability to share feed posts in your stories, which not as many people are happy about. 

Experts say disabling the feature would be a bad idea, especially for small businesses that cannot afford other forms of advertising or sharing important information about certain topics.

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